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persuasion by means of empty slogans

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The legislators from across the political divide resorted to sloganeering. Amid rumpus, the chair prorogued the session.
Chohan again took the mike and stocked off yet another round of sloganeering. He, however, was unstoppable: 'The production order facility was not for murderers, money launderers and the corrupt.
He justified Congress resorting to sloganeering by referring to remarks of BJP leader Arun Jaitley that disruption was also a legitimate strategy of opposition.
But no amount of chiding helped as the Congress, AIADMK and Telugu Desam Party (TDP) members trooped near the Speaker's podium and started sloganeering against the government.
? Constitutional Reform is not for sloganeering PM Nagamootoo
I also want to remind President Buhari that, time is no longer at his disposal and he and his team should reflect on the mood of the country and lead by example; also, they should showcase the practical change and depart from sloganeering.
Earlier, pandemonium reigned in the Punjab Assemblyas voting for the top slots of speaker and deputy speaker commenced with many PML-N lawmakers resorting to sloganeering. PTI candidates for the top slots look set to emerge victorious following reports of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) choosing not to back PML-N candidates.
According to Kashmir Media Service, the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Rajouri, Kishore Manhas, talking to media said that the students assembled in the campus on Monday morning and started raising slogans like "We want freedom" and "Pakistan Zindabad." A sedition case has been registered by the police in connection with the sloganeering and investigation has been started, he added.
Later talking to media persons outside the Senate, Haq said sloganeering had started before the formal announcement of the successful candidate.
immigration policy have devolved into sloganeering and shouting matches, "From Nowhere" feels all the more urgent and relevant as it applies human faces to abstract statistics and arguments.
Those demanding for the azadi of J& K in JNU were admittedly from outside, but none of them have been detained or caught." He added, " If someone is asking for azadi , someone who does not agree with it may see it as anti- national, but from the point of view of the person asking for it, he may want some kind of space within the Indian Union." Sibal tried to explain how and why the sloganeering that happened on JNU campus on February 9 did not amount to sedition.
They were transfixed and pleasantly surprised as Sleiman Frangieh spoke, because what he said was not the usual rhetoric, political sloganeering or elementary analysis of current affairs.
ANGRY parents yesterday branded Nicola Sturgeon's flagship childcare policy "half-baked sloganeering".
He had decided to ingratiate himself with Morphou campaigners such as mayor Charalambos Pittas and DIKO MEP Antigoni Papadopoulou and resorted to sloganeering. He took issue with the Greek Cypriots who had gone to the Immovable Property Commission seeking compensation for their properties in the north.
Whoever has been creating the Tories' sloganeering for this party week's conference must come from through Alice's looking glass.