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a colorless plum brandy popular in the Balkans

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I could see by the glasses on the table that she'd been drinking slivovitz.
Sejkora needed a shot of slivovitz to withstand the ceremony, and afterward stood around muttering, "It's terrible." Actually, we've seen traditional weddings just like that.
Take, for example, "The Million-Dollar Road," which we are told runs from Ouray to Silverton, Colorado, one of those plummeting switch-backed highways that stops the narrator's heart as he drives it, "where a one-second veer of my eyes / or the smallest twitch in my hand / means a steep cascade to the dust we all water." In a kind of rollicking jazz idiom, the narrator describes his poor synapses as he views "the vista of plummets" with panic beyond "the ultimate slivovitz, the gasp / beyond grappa or the shine of shines." Nevertheless, he cannot stop.
I love the Slivovitz! But, I am the first to admit that I do not know the details of the problems here.
She remembers people laughing and drinking slivovitz plum brandy.
made from apples; grappa made in Italy and now in California; Metaxa and ouzo from Greece; pisco from muscat grapes and produced primarily in Peru; slivovitz, a golden-brown plum brandy produced in the various Balkan countries; kirsch, produced from cherries in Alsace, Germany and Switzerland.
I know an awful lot of people who write professionally who simply don't understand that if you're describing, you know, a couple of Serb paramilitary thugs sitting in a room drinking slivovitz and talking, that you need to do something more than write that they're sitting there and drinking slivovitz and talking.
There may be many Serbs in Mitrovica who would have been willing to share a cup of coffee or a slivovitz, but I wasn't going to be allowed access to them.
I listen across a plate of roasted lamb, my ears mellowed by a shot of slivovitz (plum brandy).
Sanders, 23, with 21 career wins, was riding Slivovitz, who stumbled and broke a foreleg on the downhill stretch two furlongs out.
Incidentally, while the cork sniffers and their followers may denigrate these items, I could never understand why they are unfavorably compared to vodka and slivovitz as a beverage, much less Rum&Coca-Cola.
When we returned to Rogatica, the captain was waiting with jugs of homemade slivovitz. "You were quite safe at that moment, more or less," he said of our journey.
The beer garden will feature both American and Serbian beers and wines, and of course, 'Slivovitz', their well known Serbian plum brandy.