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Synonyms for slivery

resembling or consisting of or embedded with long slender fragments of (especially) wood having sharp points


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The carpet of slivery fish created a floating feast for pelicans, gulls and other sea life but a stinky mess for harbour authorities, which estimated will cost thousands of pounds to clean up.
In a succession of creepy (and wildly engaging) metaphors, Hunt positions his narrative along that slivery threshold between is and was, at once exposing and indulging the toxic accumulation of memory.
DIAGNOSIS: Recognized by the elongate oval (o') or ovoid ([female]) body that is covered with dark, semierect, slivery scale like setae (Figs.
The wood's dry and slivery, and it's taking all my time these days when Sue's not home.
Then we hit the ice; slivery, thin stuff to begin with, then the pancake ice which really does look like millions of pancakes, then the pack ice and the real, solid stuff which creaks and cracks as we cut through it.
Her picture, Snails 2001, impressed us with its off centre composition, of snails trailing along a canvas, all glutinously painted, quirky, slivery and wet with the remaining white canvas dribbled with white paint.
Silicone Inhancers - slip a slivery silicone slip into your bra for a natural contour.
Time Equities is considering adding cubic content to a slivery, tiny property at 19 Park Place and has obtained a ruling that would allow the respective portions to be eligible for the 421 a and 421 g programs.
The long-running tyranny of academic specialists teaches that "the transcendent project of cultural activity that neither starts at our birth nor ends at our death" (Elizabeth Lasch-Quinn) has to be divvied up into slivery bits and can never be grasped as a whole.