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Synonyms for sliver

Synonyms for sliver

a small thin sharp bit or wood or glass or metal


a thin fragment or slice (especially of wood) that has been shaved from something

divide into slivers or splinters

break up into splinters or slivers

form into slivers

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Conventional sliver guides in front of the drafting system pose a risk of incorrect adjustments.
The figure wears a watch, but we can't quite make out the time; there's a painting on the wall, but only a sliver of it intrudes into the frame.
Ingredients 2 kg free range pork loin 4-6 garlic cloves (cut into fine slivers) 3 tbsp olive oil the juice of half a lemon 4 bushy sprigs of fresh oregano or thyme leaves about 250g shallots a scrap of unsalted butter 2 fennel bulbs (outer leaves discarded,cut rest into large chunks, with any feathery bits added to the marinade) 400ml full-bodied red wine method Stab incisions all over the loin and insert a sliver of garlic into each hole.
Today, most chains a "garden salad." That usually means iceberg lettuce, a little tomato, and a sliver or two of cucumber or carrot.
After a dynamic solo, he was caught in a sliver of light diagonally cutting the stage, while downstage, dancer Angelica Patterson goaded him to come forth.
A concise, economical combination of still photographs, sounds of branches straining and cracking, a sliver of animation, and the neutral readings of Environment Canada weather warnings by filmmaker Frank Cole, this modest marvel is a richly detailed, oddly amusing portrait of what were officially described as "ice-paralyzed areas." Beyond the empirical evidence of the stark beauty of the images of this frozen world (trees, road signs, a Canadian flag), Sokolowski's film suggests the sinister and ephemeral quality of all "fixed" forms of language, technology, even cinema.
This results in a significant increase in control dynamics and an improvement in sliver quality.
The UAE came second with 17 points, three silver and three bronze medals, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia came third with 15 points, one gold and three sliver medals.
The client intends to construct a 15-story, 25-foot-wide, 16,000-foot sliver building that will consist of one triplex unit and six duplex units.
Cellular offices are single banked off a spinal corridor, with a sliver of circulation and services extending down the north-east edge of the block.
The new C 70 cards produce 90 kg/h of sliver at the same quality level as the C 60 card at 75 kg/h, the C 51 at 50 kg/h and C 4 at 40 kg/h.
Each cell is typically made of a sliver of GST plus an electronic component, such as a transistor, for controlling current through the sliver.
In contrast with restaurant entrance, the tapered sliver of space created against the other side of the concrete wall defines the rear entrance to the house, which is smaller in scale and mysteriously illuminated by isolated shafts of daylight.