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moving as on a slippery surface


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It was a strange day for this garda when he had to step in to coax the reptile that was slithering around Mary Street.
In London- based Faiza Butt's My Love Plays in Heavenly Ways- 1- 2- 3 , the artist depicts her young sons fighting make- believe dragons made of blankets slithering on their beds.
Canadian star Nathan Fillion (Firefly) headlines the cast as cop Bill Pardy in a South Carolina town where slugs are slithering around looking for humans to bury their way into.
Those who thought the Winter Olympics were all about slithering rapidly across ice or snow wearing a condom or sequins, might be reassured by the more culturally refined caperings of this year's Snow Show staged in the Italian alpine resort of Sestriere, as an adjunct to (and possibly distraction from) the Games.
Nicknamed the Frankenfish, the snakehead is capable of breathing air, slithering over land, and surviving three days outside the water, magnifying its ability to move from one habitat to another.
His last full-length work Opus Cactus, which explored desert terrain and features four men as one slithering lizard, will also be performed during the season.
com says that these guys holed up in the backwoods of Italy for four weeks to record this creative, slithering, doomy fuzz fest.
Adding slight side-to-side or up-and-down vibrations led to a buckling of the gel, resulting in snakelike slithering or inchwormlike motion, respectively.
Sushna Bibi called 999 after spotting her slithering guest in the living room of her home in Woodland Road, Handsworth.
Along with stories of a large octopus slithering through a two-inch pipe and elephants unlocking cages and switching places in the night, he looks at games animals make up, tools they use, aggression with weapons; their ability to deceive, their cooperation with their caretakers and other animals, participation in the arts and sciences, and communication with people and each other.
Instead, the six big new abstract paintings served up basics--Reed's slithering painterly gesturalism, complemented by deft variations of format and palette, and the occasional comic grace note.
The bizarreness of slithering around on-screen is rivaled only by the actor's reality.
Starting out with an abstract rendering of the bang itself, the visual motif of this odyssey is of a series of heads (reptilian, mammalian and human) emerging in slithering succession from the collar of a man's suit.
Slithering "snakebots" could assist NASA astronauts with their duties on the International Space Station by bringing tools and dragging equipment to specific job locations.