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  • verb

Synonyms for slither

Synonyms for slither

to lose one's balance and fall or almost fall

to move sinuously

to move smoothly, continuously, and effortlessly

Synonyms for slither

to pass or move unobtrusively or smoothly


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IT'S SNAKES AND SHACKLES AT THE DORMAN MUSEUM: Some of the reptiles on show in the Slither exhibition and (below, right) museum assistant Dave Lane with one of the reminders of the evil slave trade
to her two daughters as the beasties slither through the open window, or a teenager taking a bubble bath, oblivious to the slug swimming through the froth like some demonic turd.
In the Second Movement, "As this climax dies away trailing clouds of strings and horns, the woodwinds slither back in with sinister whirring scales.
Small fish are more likely than large ones to slither from nets.
A man in Calgary's southeast had an unwelcome visitor Thursday night when he came home from work to find a brown snake, which was roughly a half meter long, slither out of his TV stand into his couch, then disappear.
They only get around with a sort of a slither, The one option they have to get hither or thither.
1 Lola's theme -- Shapeshifters 2 First Of The Gang To Die -- Morrissey 3 Some Girls -- Rachael Stevens 4 See It In A Boys Eyes -- Jamelia 5 Discoland -- Flip N Fill 6 Forca -- Nelly Furtado 7 Accidentally In Love -- Counting Crows 8 Grace Under Pressure/Switching Off -- Elbow 9 Tipsy -- JKwon 10 Slither -- Velvet RevolverWIN a chart album of your choice by telling me what major sporting event Nelly Furtado's Forca is related to.
Buy Beethoven's Eroica or slither out of the store with Heart's Greatest Hits?
WITH SIMON KUKURUZOVIC SLITHER (15) Available to rent and buy pounds 14.
Mid-ballet while I was whirling, twirling, and executing the ferocious movements that would eventually kill the first boy bug in my life, I felt two bobby pins slip from their place, slither down my neck, and fall to the floor.
Experiments show that matchstick-size slivers of hydrogel, the type of material used for soft contact lenses, can ooze along like snails, slither like snakes, and creep ahead like inchworms.
Whether they run, slither, leap, swim or fly over vineyards, a growing percentage of wildlife are finding a haven in California's farmlands.
Female salamanders that slither around on top of their eggs for hours may be protecting their offspring from more than hungry predators.
The piece made certain demands: To squeeze around the tight corners, navigate the wobbly ladders, and slither into the small rooms, you had to be of no more than average physical size and not too claustrophobic.