slit trench

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narrow trench for shelter in battle

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I made my way through the orchard and into a slit trench, while the shells from the Allied guns passed very low overhead and burst at the edge of the wood, in the German positions.
Bare-rooted roses, however, can still be bought and heeled-in a slit trench, the roots covered with earth until mid-February by which time there should be a weather window for planting - and pruning
The first mortar bomb shook the slit trench, and I said my prayers.
These can be planted in open garden soil, in a slit trench, half buried and firmed in, adding some coarse sand in poorly drained soils.
You can then put them in a slit trench with sharp sand at the base or plonk them around the edge of a terracotta pot in ordinary compost.
We suspected there's something funny and suddenly a soldier would pop up out of a slit trench with a Panzerfaust [anti-tank rocket] that banged my two carriers, which caught on fire and we had to back off.
Months of training, then a few days shivering in a slit trench.
You really didn't know what to expect when you went around a corner but it was constant movement and then a stop and we would dig a slit trench and wait and then we would move again.
Then he was buried in his slit trench by a burst from a German 88 millimetre gun and, after recovering in hospital, was separated from his unit and transferred to the Hampshire Regiment, taking part in the Sicily and Italy landings.
Insert into a slit trench until the top is level with surrounding soil.
In early, October take cuttings approximately 6- 15 inches long, dip the base in rooting hormone and bury all but the top 2-3 inches in a slit trench.
Furious John, who served in World War II, said: "I have spent more comfortable nights in a slit trench.
But I remember one thing of that night, my buddy and I, I can't remember his name, we had our slit trench and we were looking south, and it was a fairly light night, and I forget whether the moon was up or not, and we could see these things in a slope down ahead of us.