slit trench

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narrow trench for shelter in battle

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"I had no desire to make my way back across the airfield again, a target for the German guns; mine not to reason why, however." As Fulton ran back, he spotted Rifleman Leonard Miller calmly lying in a slit trench and reading a pocket-sized New Testament.
A slit trench located straight across the road provides convenient cover for the entire patrol as they pile into it to protect themselves from the door device.
The plow is lowered into a starter hole, and as the plow moves forward, it vibrates a narrow slit trench that the pipe slides through, pulling behind it a continuous run of pipe.
"Obviously, life in combat was unpleasant," Kameny continues, "digging our way across Germany, slit trench by slit trench, sleeping in them at night, using our helmets as pillows.
I made my way through the orchard and into a slit trench, while the shells from the Allied guns passed very low overhead and burst at the edge of the wood, in the German positions.
Use a cutting spade with a sturdy, flat blade and a straight, sharpened tip to dig a circular slit trench. Make it a good foot deep and six inches out beyond the drip line.
Bare-rooted roses, however, can still be bought and heeled-in a slit trench, the roots covered with earth until mid-February by which time there should be a weather window for planting - and pruning!
These can then be planted half-buried at about 10m (4ins) apart in a slit trench, perhaps with a little coarse sand in the bottom of the trench for drainage.
"The first mortar bomb shook the slit trench, and I said my prayers.
You can then put them in a slit trench with sharp sand at the base or plonk them around the edge of a terracotta pot in ordinary compost.
About 8.30pm, Mac and I were still in the slit trench. Then he said: "Piper, look at the sky over the coast!" I could see dots above the horizon.
Months of training, then a few days shivering in a slit trench. Filthy underwear and lousy food.
These can be planted in open garden soil, in a slit trench, half buried and firmed in, adding some coarse sand in poorly drained soils.