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structure consisting of a sloping way down to the water from the place where ships are built or repaired

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The purpose of this contract concerns the refurbishment of the dinghy slipway in the municipality of deauville.
A slipway of jet skis shall be closed from sunset to sunrise, and no unregistered jet ski is allowed to dock or avail any of the services on offer.
Abu Dhabi City Municipality (ADM) has announced that two slipways for boats and jet skis, which are to be built in Al Sadr and Al Bahya, are expected to complete in Q4 2018.
The RNLI claim they called the police after finding the two vehicles parked on the slipway, which is used to get lifeboats in the sea during an emergency.
Helmsman Carl Evans attended the scene and helped the man, who managed to swim to the bottom of the slipway.
The woman and her boyfriend had been trying to outrun waves crashing onto the slipway when one of the waves toppled her over and a second wave washed over her and she disappeared from sight.
The trials saw the Tamar class lifeboat sent out and recovered at various tide levels to test the newly built slipway, as well as the winching and launching equipment.
Director Lee Gordon said: "We were looking at trying to get a grant to develop our slipway facility, similar to the PS1.
The TSS Dove slides |down the slipway at Swan Hunter's Tyneside shipyard on St Patrick's Day, March 17, 1965
Gary Fairbairn, coxswain of Dunbar RNLI, said: "The owner unfortunately left his car on the harbour slipway while he went for a spot of fishing.
Occupancy at the slipways has risen year on year since then with 2013 revenues attributed directly to slipway work increasing 7.
Slipway occupancy at Asry has risen year-on-year since they were opened in 2008, with last year's revenues attributed directly to slipway work increasing 7.
After both lifeboats had returned to their station the volunteers noticed a broken down vehicle at the slipway and the tide was coming in rapidly.
Summary: Water sport activities will be back with a splash at the Al Mamzar beach with Dubai Municipality reopening the slipway.
A SLIPWAY leading from a busy Birmingham commuter route was sealed off today after the body of a man was found.