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the flow of air that is driven backwards by an aircraft propeller

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He also mentioned a few slipstream writers like Gabriel Garcia, Toni Morrison, Doris Lessing, Margaret Atwood, Ralph Ellison, Paul Auster, Scarlett Thomas and Steven Hall.
The drag to the line was where it all happened as Antonelli played the race to perfection, pulling out of Binder's slipstream to steal the race by 0.
It was touring Slipstream for two years that gave her the impetus for the new record, using the backing of the touring band and producing the album herself (apart from a track taken from her 2010 sessions with Joe Henry).
The music mogul, 53, will be in London this weekend but is due to jet back to the South of France, where he has been holidaying on Slipstream, next week.
London, August 13 ( ANI ): Simon Cowell, who has been holidaying on his lavish yacht Slipstream, was reportedly joined by his ex-girlfriend Sinitta and a pair of sexy blonde pals to help him through his baby blues.
All the drivers left for a final attempt with two minutes to go but, after jostling for position to get in the slipstream of leader Chilton's Chevrolet, they all slowed right down and, with no-one attempting to make a break, they ran out of time before completing a timed lap.
Results of tests of the Amine Shield slipstream unit in the Aramco plants showed that suspended-solids removal rate across the unit reached up to 90 per cent.
SHE did, though, and - knowing how damaging a long break can be to an artist's career - she didn't have high commercial expectations for Slipstream when she released it on her own Redwing Records label in April.
Summary: A cyclist has been caught speeding at 90kph after getting caught in the slipstream of a lorry.
David Male imagined the future by suggesting that pioneering church planters committed to expanding the mission-shaped church should "keep in the slipstream of God.
Slipstream Sports, the company behind the team, announced White's departure hours after Meyer's victory.
Jonathan Vaughters, chief executive of Slipstream Sports, said: "Brad is an exceptionally talented athlete and it was great to see him do so well in the Tour de France.
Spicy Slipstream Stories" is a collection of short stories that dare to be different and add new twists on the genre of noir-style pulpy stories that innovate as they entertain and pave the way for future readers.
New Slipstream Series 1 linear stages are now available from LM76.