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the flow of air that is driven backwards by an aircraft propeller

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Slipstream belongs to a long line of works attempting to evoke motion in solid form, going back to the Winged Victory of Samothrace and including such Futurist pieces as Boccioni's running figure, Unique Forms of Continuity in Space (1913).
These include antifoam injection, fresh solvent addition, and installation of conventional mechanical solution filters on a slipstream for continuous cleaning.
Who he picks to work with and produce makes him so cool, even if he wasn't such a brilliant singer/songwriter himself." Raitt, who ended up placing Henry's God Only Knows and You Can't Fail Me Now on Slipstream, went into the session with Henry as an experiment, she says, expecting to record two or three songs.
Bonnie Raitt will be taking "Slipstream" on the road with stops June 8 at Mountain Park, Holyoke; June 9 at Mohegan Sun Casino, Uncasville, Conn.; June 23 at Bank of America Pavilion, Boston; and June 24 at the Cape Cod Melody Tent, Hyannis.
A slipstream is a region behind a moving object in which a wake of air is moving at velocities comparable to the moving object.
In cycling parlance, riding in the slipstream means staying in the low-pressure area found in the space immediately behind a cyclist.
Kelly does not believe this will have had adverse effect on the Manxman, who is able to shelter in his team-mates' slipstream, with 18 days of racing remaining.
"Spicy Slipstream Stories" is a collection of short stories that dare to be different and add new twists on the genre of noir-style pulpy stories that innovate as they entertain and pave the way for future readers.
Brad joked: "I cannot get this guy out of my slipstream. "He calls me up and wants to know what I'm wearing - and then he shows up in the same thing.
New Slipstream Series 1 linear stages are now available from LM76.
In Race I, it was Al Musalam who started from pole and led into turn one with Kronfli getting a bad start and finding himself behind Bob George (Slipstream Racing) and David Moran (DJ Racing).
World champion Fernando Alonso was again in his McLaren team-mate's slipstream in sixth, while Jarno Trulli's Toyota was fifth.
Scientists at India's Jadavpur University have found that using safe automated tailgating or "platooning" whereby sensors and cruise control keep vehicles just one metre apart, reduces engine use and hence exhaust emissions, because cars travel in each other's slipstream. Cars at the back of a queue have the least air drag.
Apparently needing to release some private musings to the world, Anthony Hopkins takes a leap into self-indulgence with his directorial debut, "Slipstream." Pic, which can be viewed as either one huge homemovie or a plaything from an actor who has been observing other filmmakers for decades, strains to convey the emotions and ruptures of a vet screenwriter on deadline and the obnoxious crew and cast who keep intruding into his universe.
The flow arrangement of the system consists of a slipstream of heated air drawn from an exhaust duct or stack and passed through a heat exchanger and then returned to the exhaust duct or stack.