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the flow of air that is driven backwards by an aircraft propeller

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Slipstream was Bonnie's first release on her own label and produced by herself.
Slipstream Music Player, based in Barrington, and presented by founder Ganett Cypher, is a group music player and sharing application that lets users and their friends view and play each other's music and vote on what music plays next AuthEntry and SalesGoose were also finalists for the 2015 TechOut contest and presented at the event as well.
In accordance with Slipstream Sports' zero tolerance anti-doping policy, he has been suspended from competition, effective immediately.
Slipstream Sports and Cannondale share key philosophies of a focus on innovation, developing the next generation of champions and a commitment to ethical sport," said Jonathan Vaughters, CEO of Slipstream Sports.
RELAXED J Simon and a mystery blonde on Slipstream this week
The trip was originally a 'boys only' holiday, but yesterday Cowell's closest pals, Sinitta, 'Syco' producer Kelly Bergantz and her sister Jamie joined him on his hired yacht Slipstream in the South of France, the Mirror reported.
Of course, slipstreaming is very important here, but it is better to have no slipstream than no lap time
The Amine Shield slipstream technology, developed by MPR Services, Dickinson, Texas, employs a multifunctional unit that removes solids, hydrocarbons, and heat-stable salts from an amine system.
Summary: A cyclist has been caught speeding at 90kph after getting caught in the slipstream of a lorry.
Slipstream Sports, the company behind the team, announced White's departure hours after Meyer's victory.
Transitions Optical, world's leading manufacturer of adaptive eyewear, Partners with Leading Pro Tour Team Garmin - Slipstream
Jonathan Vaughters, chief executive of Slipstream Sports, said: "Brad is an exceptionally talented athlete and it was great to see him do so well in the Tour de France.
Spicy Slipstream Stories" is a collection of short stories that dare to be different and add new twists on the genre of noir-style pulpy stories that innovate as they entertain and pave the way for future readers.
Nope, it's just Volkswagen's Slipstream design sketch, which won the Los Angeles Auto Show's 2007 Design Challenge.