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Synonyms for slipshod

Synonyms for slipshod

indifferent to correctness, accuracy, or neatness

marked by an absence of cleanliness and order

Synonyms for slipshod

marked by great carelessness

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Anna Signeul's squad flopped against Portugal in Rotterdam last night as dodgy defending and slipshod striking saw them downed 2-1 in Rotterdam.
The whole story was slipshod, from working the docks of Ancona to
Ireland's strongest available line-up showed the slipshod Azzurri no mercy, Joe Schmidt's men desperate for a first win in five matches.
I want the fans to go home happy, but I've never seen us give the ball away so much, particularly in the second half." Macc boss John Askey commended his side's efforts - but bemoaned some slipshod defensive work.
Secretary MNFSandR, Seerat Asghar said that slipshod attention had been given towards human resource development and appreciated the efforts of PARC to conduct such training sessions to account for the persisting issue.
Yet there is work still to be done, with his tour CV also showing a solitary wicket in 57 overs, the highest economy rate in the team and a slipshod dismissal for eight in Grenada last week.
There are other issues at play here, including Sony's apparently slipshod security procedures.
The new facility will replace the old police lab that County Executive Edward Mangano and District Attorney Kathleen Rice closed after a national accrediting agency found instances of slipshod work and botched evidence testing there.
But Southport then fell to pieces, Harry Beautyman scoring with a 25-yard free-kick before Jake Gallagher drew Welling level after making the most of slipshod Southport defending.
Read also re-upholstered furniture, such as armchairs and sofas but, on the occasions he did the work, it was slipshod.
An article in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists declared, 'this diagram does nothing more than indicate either slipshod analysis or an amateurish hoax.'
Unfortunately, the work of Alexander and his team of associates, which he illustrates copiously as the answer to the shortcomings of Modernism, appears clumsy, slipshod and crude.
In her letter, Welty supplies a lengthy quotation from Wilson's review in which he attempts to argue that urban, industrial cities ineluctably produce better craftsmanship, including literary craftsmanship, than Faulkner's provincial "antiquated community." Wilson concludes that Faulkner's provinciality "inevitably tempts him to be slipshod and has apparendy made it impossible for him to acquire complete expertness in an art that demands of the artist the closest attention and care." Welty correctly identifies this as pretentious and prejudiced humbuggery whose main rhetorical device is question begging.
Bankers still blow holes in balance sheets with slipshod and sometimes criminal behavior.
"The shareholder vote was more than slipshod and incompetent," Blumenthal says.