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Synonyms for slippy

causing or tending to cause things to slip or slide


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Third 9.12: 1 Magical Bale 6-4, 2 Ballydoyle Valor 20-1, 3 Killmacdonagh 9-4, 4 Cabra Firmino 16-1, 5 Droopys Pension 11-2, 6 Slippy Cian 5-2.
Desperation", @Dury81976810 proclaimed: "Slippy G is only making signing cause he can't leave Scotland a looser his carer would be over.Simple!"
Underworld are best known for their 1996 hit track 'Born Slippy .NUXX', which featured in the cult classic film 'Trainspotting', adding to its popularity.
It's slippy, almost like glass, and looks like a scabby jumper in places.
The 10.30am, 11.30am and 2.30pm sessions were called off yesterday after a fault with the freezing system made the ice too wet and too slippy for skaters.
"Slippy" experiences are positioned in stark contrast to "sticky" ones, a key design goal for many websites, where engaging visitors and keeping them on the site longer leads to greater loyalty, sales, and return visits.
"Everybody is going on about it being slippy, so something has to be wrong.
It is understood drivers had complained for weeks over the slippy road surface which is said to have caused several accidents.
"After the heavy rain last night, I think they have just hit some standing water and with the warm weather we've had, as soon as you get any rain on the road, it can become very slippy.It is worth a reminder that in times of bad weather, motorists need to bear in mind the roads might not be at their best."
DANCE act Underworld - best known for their anthemic hit Born Slippy - have been chosen to mastermind the music for next year's Olympic opening ceremony.
There was no ice at all, and what there was appeared to be a series of floor tiles greased up to make them slippy.
But I didn't even have time to use the zoom because our Sam promptly came straight back in again, declaring it was too "slippy".
The surface was slippy and greasy and anything could have happened."
The baby oil he used to cover his body dripped off during the act to make the stage slippy. Now after his latest fall, Karl, of Portsmouth, Hants, has hung up his thong.
Watch Commander Dave Foley, of Fallings Park fire station, said: "It was dark and the road was slippy. The man had suffered a nasty bang on the head.