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moving as on a slippery surface


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In the mean time I cautiously transferred myself from the limb down which I had been slipping to a couple of others that were near it, deeming two strings to my bow better than one, and taking care to test their strength before I trusted my weight to them.
'Come on, my hearty there is no other alternative!' and with this he ducked beneath the foliage, and slipping down the trunk, stood in a moment at least fifty feet beneath me, upon the broad shelf of rock from which sprung the tree he had descended.
The precious moments were slipping away, but he had forgotten everything that he had meant to say to her and could only helplessly brood on the mystery of their remoteness and their proximity, which seemed to be symbolised by the fact of their sitting so close to each other, and yet being unable to see each other's faces.
Anti-slip coated paper is made up of recycled paper with a dotted non-slip coating which prevents a product from slipping on pallets.
For this wall slip model the flow of a wall slipping polymer melt in a flow channel with rectangular cross section was considered.
Faults produce granular wear material continuously due to shearing and friction between two slipping surfaces.
Slip-Stitch Knits: Simple Colorwork Cowls, Scarves, and Shawls is for knitters who want to focus on creating different knitted color patterns by purposely slipping stitches.
Studies of an August 2009 slow slip event in Cascadia found that the tremor was concentrated in areas where the fault was slipping most rapidly.
Robert Bristow, 20, of Tremorfa, said he hit his nose on his bathroom wall after slipping in the tub about two weeks ago.