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shaped in the form of a slipper

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High Power showing Granuloma comprising of Epithelioid Cells having Elongated, Slipper-Shaped Nuclei
The slipper-shaped cursor controller is intuitively easy to use and efficient (in the same way as moving a regular mouse by hand).
For a more delicate plant trailing a couple of metres - though it will climb, tooLofos Burgundy Falls has vine-like leaves and wine-red slipper-shaped flowers
Its Indian slipper-shaped decorations with gold hanging loops, pounds 12.95 for a pack of six, are the perfect alternative decoration for a mantelpiece, especially if it's been dressed with strands of ivy or a branch of fir.
If your floorboards and finances can stand it, go for ultimate retro with a restored, antique, slipper-shaped bath-and-shower tub with copper jet sprays.
The Footime[TM] Foot Mouse with Programmable Pedal has a two-part design with a slipper-shaped cursor controller with an optical sensor at the bottom and a two-level pedal with programmable buttons.