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Synonyms for slipper

carpet slipper


Synonyms for slipper

low footwear that can be slipped on and off easily

a person who slips or slides because of loss of traction

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However, the prince would have her come; and she first washed her face and hands, and then went in and curtsied to him, and he reached her the golden slipper.
Then her friend the bird flew out of the tree, and brought a gold and silver dress for her, and slippers of spangled silk; and she put them on, and followed her sisters to the feast.
Then her kind friend the bird brought a dress still finer than the former one, and slippers which were all of gold: so that when she came to the feast no one knew what to say, for wonder at her beauty: and the king's son danced with nobody but her; and when anyone else asked her to dance, he said, 'This lady is /my/ partner, sir.
She reentered the room, and as she crossed it to her chair, he admired the way she walked, while the bronze slippers were maddening.
replied Mr Folair, beating his slippers together, to knock the dust out; 'I CAN come it pretty well--nobody better, perhaps, in my own line--but having such business as one gets here, is like putting lead on one's feet instead of chalk, and dancing in fetters without the credit of it.
LIZA [snatching up the slippers, and hurling them at him one after the other with all her force] There are your slippers.
HIGGINS [dropping the slippers in his surprise at her calling him sir] Eh?
Felicity was too beautiful for words; and even the Story Girl, between excitement and the crimson silk array, blossomed out with a charm and allurement more potent than any regular loveliness-- and this in spite of the fact that Aunt Olivia had tabooed the red satin slippers and mercilessly decreed that stout shoes should be worn.
You'd break their spirits, too, if you wore the slippers.
I'm the oldest," began Meg, but Jo cut in with a decided, "I'm the man of the family now Papa is away, and I shall provide the slippers, for he told me to take special care of Mother while he was gone.
March got her wet things off, her warm slippers on, and sitting down in the easy chair, drew Amy to her lap, preparing to enjoy the happiest hour of her busy day.
It was all put away, cunning -so cunning-und he fetch der girl her slippers, and Bertran turn to me und say: 'Dost thou know him in nine months more dan I haf known him n twelve years?
Nissan Motor's self-parking slipper is seen in this handout photo which was released on January 25, 2018, in Japan.
25 Stylish Knitted Slippers: Fun Designs for Dogs, Moccasins, Boots, Animal Slippers, Loafers, & More goes beyond the usual sock-and-slipper knitting instructional to provide a range of fun projects from Night Owl Boots to clogs and boot slippers, and provides the detailed patterns and easy step-by-step photos to accompany clear instructions on how to make each project and customize the results.
This slipper features breathable stretch lining, flattened elongated pleats and an elasticized center seam that hugs the arch.