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a decrease of transmitted power in a mechanical system caused by slipping

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decline from a standard level of performance or achievement

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failing to hold or slipping out of place

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The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) has said the Centre's fiscal slippage could impact inflation, and the deterioration in public finances risks crowding out private finance and investment - sending a signal for "stable-macro financial management" to put growth on a sustainable path.
It said the fiscal slippage has broader macro-financial implications on economy-wide borrowing costs, which have already started rising.
Wapda was evaluating technical possibilities to save the slippages of precious water to meet the needs of Karachi and Lasbela.
As compared to last year's ` 1,200 crore, there was an increase in slippages, and the trend was similar in provisions as well, which rose 31 per cent over last year but were down 28 per cent over the preceding quarter.
During the meeting Antony directed the Army to streamline its acquisition process in such a manner so that accountability can be fixed in case of any slippages.
The two-notch downgrade of ratings to 'BBB' reflects the actual and anticipatedfiscal slippage, compounded by Fitch's expectation that the sovereign will be unableto access the international debt markets in order to refinance an increasing debtmaturity profile in H211 and H112," Fitch said in a statement.
Work of a tractor and trailer in a cultivated soil and stubble is always affected by the slippage of a driving wheel.
Her new book is a celebration of oddness and uniqueness in translations that come about as the result of some sort of slippage from the mimetic into the non-mimetic.
QSM Associates recently examined overrun and slippage characteristics from completed IT projects collected during several "productivity benchmark" consulting engagements.
Increasing contingent liabilities related to infrastructure projects in Pakistan and slippages relating to upcoming elections and weak tax revenues could derail fiscal consolidation efforts," noted the World Bank.
Global Banking News-April 21, 2015--Romanian central bank warns about financial slippages
The government is contemplating deviating from budget targets, which could result in fiscal slippages," the note said.
These new pieces make good on what Lim's past installations have striven for: wonderful and uncomfortable overlays and slippages of present and past, presence and absence, and the strange commingling of memory, fantasy, physicality, modeling, and illusion.
Tanker slippages expect to reach 15pc of planned deliveries says shipbroker
Fresh non-performing assets remained high, with SBI reporting fresh slippages of Rs 8,165 crore in the third quarter, mostly from the mid-corporate and SME sectors.