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a decrease of transmitted power in a mechanical system caused by slipping

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decline from a standard level of performance or achievement

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failing to hold or slipping out of place

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Major slippages were seen in both tax and non-tax revenue which reduced by PKR 322bn and PKR 274bn respectively.
Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Apr 29 (ANI): The government-owned Bank of Maharashtra on Monday reported a mounting net loss of Rs 4,784 crore in 2018-19 from Rs 1,146 crore in the previous fiscal year, mainly due to slippages from agriculture loans.
As early as when the system detects a 5% negative slippage -- the contractor involved in the project will be given a warning and required to submit a "catch-up program" to eliminate the slippage or delay.
In Sorsogon's second district, infrastructure projects with slippages are three flood-control projects in Binanuahan, Embarcadero and Tughan Rivers with a total budget of P120 million (3 to 4 percent slippage); P50-million road-widening projects in the towns of Santa Magdalena and Bulusan (4 percent slippage); and construction of a P15-million Bicol University building in Gubat town.
The bank had to set aside almost three times more in provisions at Rs 6,625 crore as slippages soared as against a low Rs 2,898 crore.
Furthermore, rising contingent liabilities linked to infrastructure projects in Pakistan, slippages related to upcoming elections, weak tax revenues could forestall fiscal consolidation efforts, read the report.
Wapda was evaluating technical possibilities to save the slippages of precious water to meet the needs of Karachi and Lasbela.
As compared to last year's ` 1,200 crore, there was an increase in slippages, and the trend was similar in provisions as well, which rose 31 per cent over last year but were down 28 per cent over the preceding quarter.
"The two-notch downgrade of ratings to 'BBB' reflects the actual and anticipatedfiscal slippage, compounded by Fitch's expectation that the sovereign will be unableto access the international debt markets in order to refinance an increasing debtmaturity profile in H211 and H112," Fitch said in a statement.
ICRA has taken note of the moderate but steady increase in NPA levels as a result of certain large slippages and the steps taken by the bank to arrest such incremental slippages.
A statement by the EU's Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner Joaquin Almunia, published on 1 February, says that he will not accept "slippages" on the road to reducing the deficit.
Really, translation is about all of this: mishearing and parroting correctly, making jumps in orders and reclassifying, perceiving in concrete terms, allowing and creating the slippages and reshapings that will best work.
The interplay of diverse but connected works set off a series of ricocheting slippages, not only between art and commercial illustration but between fiction and actuality, pictorial and architectural space, erotics and intellect, history and lived experience.
They actually meant 'without debate', and their entire oeuvre is shot through with such slippages and misunderstandings.
Active surface slippages of the PFI mill between 0 m/s and 11 m/s were obtained between housing and roll, varying the housing turning speed only.