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a decrease of transmitted power in a mechanical system caused by slipping

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decline from a standard level of performance or achievement

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failing to hold or slipping out of place

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The problems caused by the land slippage to residents was discussed by the committee in the presence of House President, Demetris Syllouris, who had recently visited the area and met with affected homeowners.
If the slippage reaches 15 percent, the contractor is given a final warning and required to submit a more detailed program of additional inputs.
As of September, project slippages had ranged from 19 percent to 50 percent.
In a report to its board, chief executive Dame Jackie Daniel said: "It is disappointing to see a further deterioration in our financial position just month two into the financial year, and this is due to slippage in delivery of our cost improvement programme."
Then, slippage of BP and MEA was analyzed by finite element simulation, and the anti-impact performance of FCS was evaluated by the index.
Keywords: Cost Growth, Schedule Slippage. Schedule and Cost Thresholds.
These technical solutions allowed realization of block wheel pair movement along rails without spurious slippage and lack of auto-oscillation mode (nosing motion), which are inherent in the standard wheel set.
Summary: LebanonEe's fiscal slippage continued, prompting Citi to revise its fiscal forecasts to reflect weaker than expected revenues and higher than expected expenditure growth, as per the bankEe's Middle East Economic Outlook.
The 0.4% difference, or gap, is what analysts like Inker refer to as "slippage," which translates to the conclusion that emerging market stocks have indeed "done a bit worse than one would expect given their earnings yield," Inker says.
Ethicon's ECHELON FLEX GST SYSTEM, is powered stapler and reload system uniquely designed to provide a better grip on tissue for the least tissue slippage during firing.
White leaf embroidered underwired multiway, PS19.50, M&S Collection, DD-G This multiway lace | bra has boning in the seams to give shape, and silicone banding stops slippage. Naturally Close Underwired Worlds Largest Strapless Bra, PS28, Fashion World, up to 50DD Five-way | underwired, padded bra with silicone banding to stop slippage.
This magnificently mobile and powerful computer offers traders who travel a huge advantage in the fight against slippage. Slippage, in the trading universe, is when a trader enters a market order and gets filled at a much different price than he expected.
The relaxation or loosening of the clamping elements such as spring or bolts through time may lead to decay of slippage load.
Therefore, on slightly more comparable figures, the IMF is raising the prospect for the budget deficit to reach as high as 7% of GDP this year still almost twice the government's official target and representing a widening of the deficit compared to 2012.Fiscal slippage has been pronounced in first four months of the year.
Mr Jones responded by saying that the contractors would be appointed in the new year and confirmed that there would be no slippage on the construction date.