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a decrease of transmitted power in a mechanical system caused by slipping

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decline from a standard level of performance or achievement

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failing to hold or slipping out of place

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Men who had experienced condom breakage or slippage during sex reported a significantly higher number of errors than those who had not encountered these problems (5.
It is also said that there is always some slippage either forced by shipbuilders' failure to meet their contracted obligations or possibly a negotiated delay requested by an owner for more commercial reasons.
Work slippage referred only to delays 'due to the contractor's fault,' clarified Paul Yerba, DOTr undersecretary for legal affairs and procurement.
It said the fiscal slippage has broader macro-financial implications on economy-wide borrowing costs, which have already started rising.
There shouldn`t be a fear of fiscal risk because of slippage, because if at all, a fiscal slippage happens, it would only be for the right reasons.
She added, "Negative slippage it varies from -11 from the highest of 82.
These technical solutions allowed realization of block wheel pair movement along rails without spurious slippage and lack of auto-oscillation mode (nosing motion), which are inherent in the standard wheel set.
However, global estimates for worldwide slippage, he adds, are around 0.
The Limassol district office needs to take immediate action on the land slippage in Limnes area in Pissouri which is affecting dozens of homes, members of the House Interior committee said on Wednesday.
Ethicon's ECHELON FLEX GST SYSTEM, is powered stapler and reload system uniquely designed to provide a better grip on tissue for the least tissue slippage during firing.
50, M&S Collection, DD-G This multiway lace | bra has boning in the seams to give shape, and silicone banding stops slippage.
Slippage occurs when underpowered computers can't keep up with the real-time data stream.
Fiscal slippage has been pronounced in first four months of the year.
As traders pay more attention to execution performance, many often wonder if there is an optimal participation rate that doesn't increase market impact and performance slippage.