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a sweater that is put on by pulling it over the head


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These, covered with a layer of one-inch foam and six-ounce wadding and finished off with a matching fabric slipover, turned the room into a private boudoir.
Tiger Woods arrived as if he was having an afternoon hit-about back home in Orlando ignoring the garish waterproofs the American team were sporting for a simple polo shirt and slipover.
They both wanted a T-shirt and slipover combo which seems to be this season's must-have.
Small companies, large companies, hospitals and government departments have systems that will not handle the slipover to the year 2,000 without coming up with some sort of error or some sort of pro blem."
These, covered with a layer of one inch foam, six ounce wadding and finished off with a matching fabric slipover, turned the room into a private boudoir.
Jaeger Handknits patterns for the Keyhole Vest, Chevron Stitch Tunic, Little Bobble Sweater and the Sleeveless, Shortie Slipover, can all be found at Coats Needlecrafts in Rackhams.
It is sure to stir up some controversy for showing Mary Queen of Scots as a 1960s chick and William Wallace in a Fair Isle slipover and raincoat.
EUR[pounds sterling]The shop wanted six slipovers, sleeveless sweaters, which I could never have made in time by myself, so I advertised for help and took on a group of women and before I knew it I had this little cottage industry.EUR
Ironically, Tom Kite's men will wear red today - and be kitted out in red slipovers tomorrow.
With the adoption of casual Fridays at many companies and jeans still the number-one choice for casual clothing, denim is quickly catching on in home furnishings for everything from upholstered furniture to slipovers to top-of-the-bed programs.
Fleece is the latest cold-weather comforter for indoor and outdoor wear and at Oakes's, it's available in car coats, body-warmers and slipovers in 46 to 60-inch chest sizes.