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a removable fitted cloth covering for upholstered furniture

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The challenge though, is to get a beautiful and tailored slipcover that display quality and allows the furniture to look premium at an inexpensive price.
Sue West, who Marsten has dubbed "the queen of slipcovers," started working in the store after taking the first slipcover class that Marsten offered.
For a touch of French shabby chic, make slipcovers for your pasttheir-best dining chairs, or cheat and have Bemz run some up for you.
Submissions for the Boppy[R] Slipcover Design Challenge opens to the public on January 28th and ends February 11th.
Although all of the company's slipcovers tend to be more expensive than the slipcovers IKEA sells for its sofas--some of the mix-and-match styles are more than $350--Pennington said business is growing.
If you have kids or pets, a washable white slipcover can actually be a more practical choice than a colored one, because it can be bleached.
Tolleson will oversee the design process from slipcover to shipping carton.
Headquartered in Los Angeles, RAD is a designer, wholesaler and retailer of slipcover furniture and home decor products sold under the "Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic" brand name.
2 Sure Fit's Nantucket Reversible slipcover is shown here in one of four possible configurations.
It has a removable cotton slipcover and comes in navy, charcoal, natural, red, light blue and orange.
Official Pillowtex LLC said it has added the slipcover product category to its Cannon and Royal Velvet brand offerings and signed a licensing agreement with California-based Classic Slipcover Co.
The room-facing side of the slipcover has a 1-inch border fitted with snaps, spaced about 8 inches apart.
Optional accessories include a 10-cell extended battery pack that holds power for up to six hours, an external battery charger, slim USB keyboard, RF mouse, docking station, slipcover, and carrying bag.
How about a slipcover in indigo denim with embroidered flower detailing?
Sure Fit will be the first to offer fabric protection in the slipcover category.