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a removable fitted cloth covering for upholstered furniture

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Labor estimates from several upholstery shops were about $500 to reupholster and a bit less to slipcover. We would need eight to 10 yards of fabric, which even at $20 a yard would be about $200, and there would probably be additional charges such as wrapping the seat cushion to plump it up.
Sue West, who Marsten has dubbed "the queen of slipcovers," started working in the store after taking the first slipcover class that Marsten offered.
For a touch of French shabby chic, make slipcovers for your pasttheir-best dining chairs, or cheat and have Bemz run some up for you.
Normally 6 months after an IKEA sofa has been discontinued, IKEA will stop supplying slipcovers for them.
Although all of the company's slipcovers tend to be more expensive than the slipcovers IKEA sells for its sofas--some of the mix-and-match styles are more than $350--Pennington said business is growing.
Tolleson will oversee the design process from slipcover to shipping carton.
/ 2 Sure Fit's Nantucket Reversible slipcover is shown here in one of four possible configurations.
Official Pillowtex LLC said it has added the slipcover product category to its Cannon and Royal Velvet brand offerings and signed a licensing agreement with California-based Classic Slipcover Co.
The room-facing side of the slipcover has a 1-inch border fitted with snaps, spaced about 8 inches apart.
Grosfeld said while he will no longer run the day-to-day business of the slipcover company, he will continue to be involved in the company as a member of the board of directors.
Caption(s): 1 Novabresse Autrement Dits' multicolor zipper cushion panels offer flexibility from slipcover to curtain combinations with a few zips.
largely intact and said it plans to make the slipcover and accessories company profitable, with an eye toward opportunities for product line extensions.
To further help consumers decorate, Ellery produced step-by-step instructions on DVD and cards on how to put on slipcovers. Educational tools are included with each slipcover.
Aside from operational and financial issues, Sure Fit said its business was also negatively affected by imports of other slipcover manufacturers' finished products, which drove down prices and decreased its profit margins.
IS LAUNCHING a $15 million print advertising campaign as part of its transformation from a ready-made slipcover company to a total home decorating resource.