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an article of clothing (garment or shoe) that is easily slipped on or off

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In an incident that will confirm the worst fears of visitors to Australia, Moira Boxall unpacked her luggage after the more than 9,400 mile-journey (15127km-journey) from Queensland to find the small and very much alive creature curled up in her slip-ons. It even shed its skin during its voyage in her footwear.
The designs in this collection are simple yet bold the slip-ons are in metallic leather some slippers have straps in green.
A funky outfit can look sassier with hot coloured-trims slip-ons or oxfords.
There are also sleek and classic designs in real leather which are 'Made in Italy,' as well as casual sneakers, slip-ons and sandals for men.
She recently drew a character on pink slip-ons that looked fabulous.
The only must-have shoes you need are tennis shoes, lace-up boots, flat slip-ons and a classic heel.
How you justified the purchase You recently got caught in the rain wearing the canvas slip-ons you've been meaning to replace.
Only a real fit father could rock those chef's checkered slip-ons with a flat cap Phillip Schofield Not all dads are embarrassing!
Regal velvet amps up the sporty slip-ons to create easy-to-wear leisure shoe with style.
In one of her Instagram posts, Minaj quoted the lyrics of Beyonce's song "Best Thing I Never Had." In the caption of a photo of a pair of Chanel slip-ons, Minaj ( said : "Thank God I dodged the bullet.
The women's footwear range from Shoe Mart includes stylish trends -- from ankle-length boots and high-heeled sandals in earth tones, 'athleisure' sneakers and chunky platforms to slip-ons, ballerinas and heels in rich fabrics and patterns.
Left, the company's classic camouflage linen slip-ons with soft leather lining and black Pyramid Elite footwear
Not when you've got a day full of client meetings, obviously, but beige or khaki slip-ons give a laidback cigarette pants and tonal sweatshirt combo edge.
Sleek neutral slip-ons (black or silver, please) are just fancy enough to be paired with your spring dance dress.
I'm not ready to succumb to wearing boots everyday, but my feet are feeling a little chilly on the school run in my suede slip-ons.