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Synonyms for spline

a flexible strip (wood or rubber) used in drawing curved lines

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a thin strip (wood or metal)

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of One slip tongue real embarrasment | Summer Nights At The Moonlight Hotel by Jane Costello is published on March 24 by Simon and Schuster priced PS7.99.
It is seen from this figure that the wear particles show the shape of slip tongue. This indicates that the wear mechanism is ploughing.
The shape of wear particles changes from slip tongue to stratification.
An optional stiff or slip tongue could be furnished that mounted in fixed sockets without a hinge.
To reverse direction, install the boards groove to groove, joining them with a factory-manufactured "slip tongue" (Photo 12), then continue installing and nailing the flooring in the opposite direction.
This shortfall was eliminated by a design of the Redding Iron Works of California called the slip tongue. On downhill grades the wheels and axle would slide forward on the tongue.