slip of the tongue

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an accidental and usually trivial mistake in speaking

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Jalisa Stewart also called it a 'slip of the tongue' saying: "....sooo, not like it matters..because, they deserve their privacy...but, was that a slip of the tongue when Harry said babies change so much over a two week period?"
Addressing a session of the National Assembly, Khar said, 'This was not a slip of the tongue. The prime minister has distorted both geography and history for all of us.'
However, Russian foreign ministry spokesperson Maria Zhakharova dismissed Mr Zubov's remarks during a weekly press briefing on Friday, saying that these were a 'slip of the tongue'.
No doubt an over-exuberant slip of the tongue having seen the Brewers progress, fans on Twitter inevitably took to the platform to cry of a so-called 'conspiracy'.
The internet loves a slip of the tongue, so Twitter was a happy place when Lib Dem leader Sir Vince Cable fluffed his line about Brexiteers having an "erotic spasm" over leaving the EU yesterday.
THERE was a slip of the tongue from Austin MacPhee when he said he wanted European football at Tynecastle on a Wednesday night.
Then she had a slip of the tongue which even ruined her 'I'm-classy plan.' She said, 'Pa-order ako ng Blue Verry (I'll order Blue Verry).'
French President Emmanuel Macron has been the talk of the global town thanks to his apparent "slip of the tongue" he made during his visit to Australia last week, as reported by mass media worldwide.
What name is given to a slip of the tongue in which the first letters of words are transposed?
THE FIFTY-SIXTH VENICE BIENNALE is dominated by a Danh Vo double bill: "mothertongue," a solo show in the Danish pavilion, and "Slip of the Tongue," a large exhibition curated by the artist at the Francois Pinault Foundation's Punta della Dogana, where Vo has mixed his own work with that of some three dozen others.
I'd rather have a slip of the tongue than slips in judgement.
We're not sure if it was a slip of the tongue, but Rania Youssef's foul mouth landed her into trouble last week, when she was charged for swearing at her ex-hubby Khaled Radwan .
One tiny slip of the tongue and the language police come knocking on your door.
LINGFIELD: 5.00 Emkanaat, 5.30 Amenable, 6.00 Hiking, 6.30 Jackie Love, 7.00 Slip Of The Tongue, 7.30 Tornado Battle, 8.00 Archelao.
The slip of the tongue was pretty egregious, considering the proposals outlined in his budget.