slip of paper

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a small sheet of paper

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He murmurs, growing warm and red and holding the slip of paper now close to his eyes, now a long way off, "C.S.
Rolling up the slip of paper as an instrument to point his speech with, Mr.
"It's pretty maddening to think that an important secret may lie here on this slip of paper, and that it is beyond human power to penetrate it."
The officer looked up from his slip of paper for a moment.
And the pocket-book was again deliberately produced, opened, sought through; from one of its compartments was extracted a shabby slip of paper, hastily torn off: I recognised in its texture and its stains of ultra-marine, and lake, and vermillion, the ravished margin of the portrait-cover.
A name casually written on a slip of paper has enabled me to find her out.
As he turned to hand the worthless slip of paper to the Russian his glance chanced to pass across the starboard bow of the Kincaid.
What will you do with such a fortune?" asked Amy, regarding the magic slip of paper with a reverential eye.
One day, a dirty stranger touched me on the shoulder, and showed me a dirty slip of paper which I at first presumed to be his card.
"I would willingly give five hundred," said the J.P., taking the slip of paper and the pencil which Holmes handed to him.
Holmes put the slip of paper carefully away into his pocket-book.
She put down the slip of paper on which she had marked the sum they had to pay, and walked back to the table at which she had been sitting.
The sixth Philippine Conference on New Evangelization (PCNE), which will be held on July 19 to 21, will introduce the local version of Jerusalem's "Wailing Wall," where participants can write their prayers on a slip of paper and slip it into crevices or small holes known as prayer spaces.
Members were then given a slip of paper to write down the name of their nominee for President.
I am 104 and I have never been on the wrong side of the law,' she wrote on a slip of paper.