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"In the League, we let a few games slip away but that stood to us a lot and made us conscious that we must do something different here and it worked out.
The PIA official was of the view that these flight attendants too could slip away like Fareeha Mukhtar did on September 13, bringing a bad name to the country and the airline.
BARVIKHA: Russia on Friday said that Iran was letting the opportunity for dialogue with the international community slip away and warned that the Islamic Republic could face new sanctions.
23 (ANI): Five official drivers of Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari, who had been sent to the US for a chauffeur-training course last year, have managed to slip away in that country abandoning their Government of Pakistan jobs.
But last week's game was another example of a game that was allowed to slip away.
Shots boss John Coleman was unhappy to see a valuable three points slip away: "We didn"t keep possession anywhere near as well as we can and didn't offer much going forward."
With a heavy heart, the trio prepare to slip away. However, Gina realises what's going on and decides they must visit the Tall Ship one last time to say a proper goodbye.
If you would like to take in the spectacle of the ships in style, then slip away from the madness of the docks and make your way up to Liverpool's tallest restaurant, The Panoramic, where you can take in the views and afternoon tea.
The fiendishly difficult Winged Foot course broke the hearts of many of the world's best, including Phil Mickelson and Colin Montgomerie, both of whom had the tournament in their grasp only to let it slip away.
Like a cloak of invisibility, an enzyme released by strep A bacteria lets them slip away from the body's staunchest defenders, a new study shows.
"It seems so strange to just slip away," said Gates during a recent phone interview from Frankfurt.
I hoped that he could slip away peacefully.'' Coun Nagle is the city's first Irishborn Lord Mayor and is a practising Catholic``This is a very sad time for Catholics in the city, including the very large number of Irish Catholics,'' he said.
A low cross from Franny More saw Stuart McGuigan slip away from his marker to sidefoot home.
And I loved flying--far above the world, all the troubles of Earthbound life seeming to slip away under our wings.
In the end he is exposed as a lovelorn poseur, a former math geek and term paper writer for cash who has remade his image and plotted for years to win the prize of Didi, only to see it all slip away.