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Synonyms for slip



  • fall
  • trip (over)
  • slide
  • skid
  • lose your balance
  • miss or lose your footing




give someone the slip


slip away: get away


slip away: die

slip something off

slip something on


slip up


Synonyms for slip

to move smoothly, continuously, and effortlessly

to lose one's balance and fall or almost fall

to shift or be shifted out of place


to maneuver gently and slowly into place

to get away from (a pursuer)

to bring forth a nonviable fetus prematurely

to displace (a bone) from a socket or joint

to decline, as in value or quantity, very gradually

to make an error or mistake

to undergo moral deterioration


slip into: to put (an article of clothing) on one's person

slip on: to put (an article of clothing) on one's person

slip up: to make an error or mistake

an act or thought that unintentionally deviates from what is correct, right, or true

a minor mistake

Synonyms for slip

a minor inadvertent mistake usually observed in speech or writing or in small accidents or memory lapses etc

potter's clay that is thinned and used for coating or decorating ceramics

a part (sometimes a root or leaf or bud) removed from a plant to propagate a new plant through rooting or grafting


Related Words

a young and slender person

a place where a craft can be made fast

an accidental misstep threatening (or causing) a fall

a slippery smoothness

a small sheet of paper

a woman's sleeveless undergarment

bed linen consisting of a cover for a pillow

an unexpected slide


Related Words

a flight maneuver

the act of avoiding capture (especially by cunning)

Related Words

insert inconspicuously or quickly or quietly

move obliquely or sideways, usually in an uncontrolled manner

to make a mistake or be incorrect

pass on stealthily

move easily

Related Words

cause to move with a smooth or sliding motion

Related Words

pass out of one's memory

move out of position

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determination of the dominant turn slip model parameters for the given operating conditions;
Slips along with Date Sheet have been placed on AIOU website www.
In all scenarios the tire is at the same slip angle, [alpha].
As shown in Figure 1(b), for the rotational sliding in soil slopes, the form of the slip surface is complicated and is influenced by the geological conditions; however, the critical slip surface can be assumed to be a spherical surface or ellipsoidal surface, which can explain most conditions of the actual landslide characteristics in soil slopes.
That length of the M74/A74(M) Glasgow - Carlisle Trunk Road being the northbound off slip road to Motherwell at Junction 6 (Hamilton), a distance of 350 metres or thereby.
In all these situations, your pay slip tells the story.
New discoveries reveal how slow slip serves as a transition between ordinary quakes at the surface and those in deeper parts of the Earth where rocks flow like softened butter.
A Cardiff council spokeswoman said: "Where we have fitted an over-bath shower, we have, in the majority of cases, fitted these over the slip resistant area.
You may think that the chance of finding the correct slip is one divided by the number of slips of paper.
It would have been more accurate to label the diagram "slip" rather than "forward slip.
DENDRITIC SLIP DECORATION (WHOSE NAME IS derived from the Greek word 'tree') is a delicate fine-lined slip pattern that looks much like a complex series of tree branches or veins of seaweed.
However, effective slip prevention can halve injury rates_using a variety of precautions, such as the use of slip measuring devices to undertake risk assessments and specifying suitable slip resistant footwear.
The risk of a slip and fall accident around a pool can be decreased.
The ramp metering sites are: * A19/A1027 southbound entry slip road * A19/A139 southbound entry slip road * A19/A1046 southbound entry slip road * A19/A1130 northbound entry slip road * A66 Teesside Park eastbound entry slip road Work will take place during day time off peak hours from 10.