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Synonyms for slinky


Synonyms for slinky

so slow, deliberate, and secret as to escape observation

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Winning the title of Miss Slinky means I have even more to celebrate and I know this festive season will be extra special.
She said: "I remember him being a bit scared of Slinky and one of the guys was like, 'No, do it, you've got to get a picture'.
That has happened before with criminal twins, but Slinky has a small scar on his left cheek.
To merge RPS and the Slinky-Smurf levels into one game, each person begins as a Slinky and plays RPS with a partner until there is a champion.
How quickly the Slinky[R] moves under the influence of gravity depends of physical properties of the slinky, such as the spring constant and the mass of the metal, as well as some of its geometrical parameters (such as length and diameter).
Slinky came into us as a young unruly adolescent who had been passed from pillar to post and who hadn't had any stability in his life.
This is another step up but not the most competitive heat, and her liking for the track must stand Slinky McVelvet in good stead.
Continue reading "A Farewell to Slinky, Our Beloved Cat Who Was Named by Tablet Readers" at.
Slinky ground heat exchangers reduce trench length significantly compared to a two-pipe HGHX system.
A number of engrossing shows will also be held, of which Aladdin and the slinky show have roused a lot of interest.
Meanwhile, handwriting experts have examined what the slinky scrawl said about Lew, 57.
It markets its toys under the Slinky, Poof, Ideal, Cadaco, Scientific Explorer and Fuzzoodles brands.
The "Slinky" encouraged the depositing of a host of Slinky-related offerings including "Crazy Eyes (glasses with Slinky extended fake eyeballs), a Neon Slinky and a Slinky Dog.
Put a Slinky in one hand and hold it midway down the coil with the other, and then remove the hand the Slinky rests on.