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Synonyms for slink

Synonyms for slink

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walk stealthily

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Mr Bayada said that he put the slinks he removed by hand from the reserves in his pocket and said the tampering carried out would not be noticed in a pre-jump flight line visual check.
He added that while police have spoken to many members of the parachute club, they are still appealing for any other witnesses to come forward and were looking for the slinks.
I think I will slink off now and hope no-one noticed."
Piano exceeds expectations with a swelling glazed protuberance, five storeys high, that slinks around a more conventional orthogonal block, enfolding it in a sinuous, shimmering embrace.
and her underwear is almost too much to bear, with that pattern that is the knockoff of the expensive one, and a giant maxi pad weighing down the middle." Released, Debbie "slinks off, sobbing," and were it "not so boring" to prey on her "every day for a year," the group would go on beating her.
There slinks into the culture an almost imperceptible assumption that the institution knows all the answers (or it would not have become an institution), will always receive business and is entitled to more for what it has accomplished.
JIM Davis's cartoon strip chronicling the exploits of an overweight cat slinks jauntily on to DVD.
The Danish choreographer slinks into gigantic animal lunges and then collapses into paper-doll narrowness.
For example, small errors such as 'slinks' (Book VI, line 2001) was transformed by typesetters into 'shirks' but now reads correctly.