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Synonyms for slink

Synonyms for slink

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walk stealthily

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Pushing aside the Antonioni ennui that made her famous, Vitti is utterly delicious as Modesty, slinking through more costume and wig changes than Norma Shearer had in Marie Antoinette.
Slinking up wickedly after the group is the nasty, dastardly villain, Fargo Fink, played by .
But by slinking away from the culture war, he left the way clear for the political faction that believes sex is evil while usury, exploitation, and pollution are just sound management principles.
Their maps show blobs slinking across the ocean like amoebas on a microscope slide.
It counts the dead kings and earls on the battlefield and pictures the Norsemen slinking home while their dead sons are being devoured by ravens and wolves.
But should Roy Hodgson's England play in the same manner as they did against Italy and still fail to get beyond the group, wouldn't that be infinitely preferable to stinking the place out as they did on their last three major tournament appearances and slinking away as soon as they played someone world-class?
MELANIE Verwoerd came back fighting yesterday and showed Unicef bosses she has no intention of slinking off into the sunset.
BARKING MAD: The dozy pooch wanders in front of the speeding cyclists; WHEEL OF MISFORTUNE: Burghardt is thrown from his bike as he hits the dog RUCKAS PICTURES; SLINKING FEELING: The labrador leaves with his tail between his legs
A tiger near a woman wearing a tiger-print skirt might be chasing the rights to his own logo, like the snake slinking near the snakeskin shoes and the butterfly fluttering over the wing-shaped decolletage.
"I continued this when I was an articled clerk, slinking off when I could.