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Synonyms for slinky


Synonyms for slinky

so slow, deliberate, and secret as to escape observation

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Cleopatra was a platinum-blonde Jean Harlow look-alike who donned a skin-tight black-and-white dress and, surrounded by tuxedo-clad chorus boys, slinkily descended a staircase to vamp Caesar with the sensuous "V'adoro pupille." For his Fred Astaire-style song-and-dance number, in which he played duelling roulades with an onstage violinist in white tails, Cesare (who made his first-act entrance sporting a red uniform and riding on a tank) changed into top hat and black tails behind a gaggle of fluttery chorines dressed as French maids.
To get in the mood conjure up images from those 1930s Hollywood sirens who draped themselves slinkily across satincovered couches in romantic boudoirs.
With his lucent tricoloured wings and the Botticelli-like puff of his robe, the angel of Schnorr's Annunciation is a dandy amongst his kind, but approaches the Virgin without aplomb, shyly carrying a sheaf of lilies which will replace the roses and asters in her slinkily painted vase.
Penn makes a quick buck and runs off with slinkily sexy Jennifer Lopez.
But, the outcome was more efforted than effective, because Tom's hulky, bulky physical frame made him look more matronly than slinkily sexy.
Sharon doesn't leave a good impression, but Derek is the picture of marital fidelity: No matter how slinkily Lisa comports herself, Derek says no, thanks.
Ashford is more than capable of executing the results himself--as he proved at the audition by dropping to the floor face-up, his upper body supported by his palms and forearms, and then lifting his hips, crossing one leg over the other and shaking his booty slinkily from side to side, in order to demonstrate that the tighter the knees are when the legs are crossed, the better the hip movement will look.
There is also a lot of rolling about on the floor while the dance itself can be jerky and energetic or slinkily intoxicating.
He spent a lot of time slinking about (as slinkily as an animal of his proportions is able) round and round the rabbit run, wondering how to get to the food.
You see, if you're slim enough to grace a hipster slinkily, then you're also slim enough to really feel the cold.
But behind the big hats, big hair and bigger shoulder pads lay some exquisite tailoring and slinkily sexy dresses.
Zeta-Jones, who is very much Hollywood royalty these days, purrs and pouts to perfection as Marilyn slinkily slips into the sexiest thing she knows - a rich man's bank account.
As soon as supermodel Naomi Campbell stepped slinkily on to the catwalk, it was obvious Donatella was a smash- hit, with rapturous applause greeting every outfit.
There is a kind of unforced, alert, yet slinkily relaxed energy about him.