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Synonyms for slinky


Synonyms for slinky

so slow, deliberate, and secret as to escape observation

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Binns superstore in Newcastle, now alas gone, joined in to give a preview of some of the slinkiest, sexiest, smoothest underwear around.
Emmerdale sexpot Lucy Pargeter lies back in her slinkiest undies and says what every red-blooded man wants to hear: "I'm single again and loving it.
Which leaves plenty of space for the non-principal dancers - all clad (by William Ivey Long) in the slinkiest, sultriest of black - to do their thing.
Before I always used to wear boring black trousers and a baggy top but now I'll be picking out the slinkiest, sexiest numbers in the shop.
Fifties fashion is everywhere this skirts to the slinkiest of shift dresses - and it's a look that demands amazing underwear.
is the slinkiest planet of the zodiac, but is little that is slinky about Mars or Pluto.
THERE's no point having the slinkiest, prettiest camera if it can't take decent pics.
Combining jazz, neo-classical and electronica, it recalls Tortoise at their slinkiest, and the echoey spaces between notes and beats point towards a fondness for dub that belies the calming soundscapes on his latest offering.
We've found some of the slinkiest, sexiest black numbers available on the high street.
EROTIC: Kylie is at her slinkiest in the undies ad they dare not show on telly; CHEEKY: Close-up set to send men's temperatures soaring; WILD GIRL: Movie-goers will see lovely Kylie at her most provocative; SIZZLING: Kylie oozes sex appeal in commerical; TOPPING: Suspenders and stockings set scene; TEASING: Star climbs aboard bronco; REINING: Pace is hotting up for Kylie; APPEALING: Kylie as the ad reaches a raunchy crescendo
The three little girls with the slinkiest outfits (Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, left) high-kick their way out of trouble in the action blockbuster
It draws more than a fair share of celebs and, in general, a glamorous, youngish crowd dressed in their slinkiest and sportiest, usually black, outfits.
Venus is the slinkiest planet of the zodiac, but there is little that is slinky about Mars or Pluto.