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Synonyms for slinky


Synonyms for slinky

so slow, deliberate, and secret as to escape observation

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Saris are getting slinkier and blouses are staging a disappearing act, I was told, even as I was being titillated by a juicy scallop.
Thanks to the skilful direction of bandleader Gustav Ejstes, the Swedish quartet have instead produced a slinkier, jazz-informed record which often turns downthe guitarsand replaces themwith piano, flutes and drum breaks.
The following week, she traded in Charity's little red dress for Roxie's even slinkier black one, returning to Chicago.
Even the sound of Africa 70 changed as the decade wore on, as the rough-edged "Afro-Rock" ramble of the early 1970s was gradually replaced by a deviously funky, slinkier sound suffused with attitude and marijuana.
I've no doubt most young girls will want to emulate the slinkier look as do all the fashion mags.
Many of these differences may reflect the adsorbed odorants' comparatively smaller and slinkier structures compared with bitter compounds, and their easier penetration into lipid membranes.
Meanwhile, Reiner is distracted by his gold-toothed girlfriend Malkina (Cameron Diaz), who is slinkier than her two pet cheetahs and twice as deadly.
Director Ridley Scott's visually-striking film is an erotically charged and violent thriller and stars Cameron Diaz as Malkina, who is slinkier than her two pet cheetahs and twice as deadly.
The steeply-raked rear window hints that this Audi is more concerned with style than ultimate carrying capacity but most buyers in this class will forgo a few litres of space for a slinkier shape.
Fortunately its successor is a good deal slinkier. The dimensions tell much of the story.
Now the striking 20-year-old North London songwriter hots up her romance with the listening public and the slinkier side of the dancefloor by weaving this slow, aching taster from her eagerly anticipated first album.
Married some 876 times - oops, I meant five - Joan apparently knows what we all need to make ourselves better, slinkier, fitter and more morally robust.
Pro-Ject has added a curved 8.6in armtube to reduce tone-in error and as a by-product given the Genie 2 a smoother, slinkier feel.
CORRIE fans reckon Vicky Binns is shaping up nicely in her role as sensible Molly Compton - who seems to be getting slinkier by the day.