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Synonyms for slink

Synonyms for slink

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walk stealthily

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They're powerful enough to destroy two of the greatest cities on the planet," Slink replies.
So I urge you to do the decent thing next Thursday, bring the curtain down on these unloved Tory scoundrels, and allow our PM to slink off for much-needed recuperation.
The Slink in question is Frank Hanson, a longstanding owner with trainer Micky Hammond (below left), who said: "He wasn't winning out of turn.
The loser may slink away for the time being, but it will get other chances to take over territories as the dominant fish grow big enough to head out to sea.
Leathery crocodiles slink leisurely through the swamp, their eyes popping out at you above the water's surface.
We're not going to slink quietly and go into the night when we see a whole generation of black and Latino students excluded from the schools their parents support," says Shaw.
Others slink into abandoned, urine-stinking rowhouses to fire home their dope.
Armed with better weapons and ready for knife fights in close quarters, he will need all his stealth skills to infiltrate a Peruvian army base, slink behind transparent Japanese folding screens, and negotiate an underground train station.
com/tvshows/blood-drive/episode-12-season-1/faces-of-blood-drive/833927/) synopsis for the next episode of the Syfy series, Slink (Colin Cunningham) throws the "ultimate mayhem party" for Arthur (Alan Ritchson), who was crowned as the new Primo at the end of last episode.
I think I will slink off now and hope no-one noticed.
The minority who misguidedly voted to continue to allow youngsters to "enjoy" this dangerous drug willy-nilly should hang their heads in shame and slink off to other political parties that would no doubt welcome their libertarian views.
When done, some slink away from the machine, looking over their shoulders to see whether anyone else saw the results.
I know the courts say we can't do this," Reynolds says in the video, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, right before the two women say "I do" and slink to the floor for some heavy petting.
v=1AAHQyROfRw) sneak peek from the hour, Slink (Colin Cunningham) tells the Arthur and Grace that the battle royale will air live.
But call him fat and he'll slink away licking his wounds.