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Synonyms for slink

Synonyms for slink

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walk stealthily

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So I urge you to do the decent thing next Thursday, bring the curtain down on these unloved Tory scoundrels, and allow our PM to slink off for much-needed recuperation.
The Slink in question is Frank Hanson, a longstanding owner with trainer Micky Hammond (below left), who said: "He wasn't winning out of turn.
DAVE Rather than slink into your shell when around guys, pretend you're kicking back at home with friends.
As kids hear stories and music, they slink like a snake or spider walk around the classroom.
And then you slink in the door and find your fellow apostles gabbling about your dead master, Jesus, as being no longer dead but alive.
And yet the church continues to balk and scurry and slink while women walk out the door in scores because the church won't recognize their full humanity, their strength, their gifts, their call from the People of God.
The loser may slink away for the time being, but it will get other chances to take over territories as the dominant fish grow big enough to head out to sea.
Leathery crocodiles slink leisurely through the swamp, their eyes popping out at you above the water's surface.
Release 2.1 of the Debian operating system, code-named Slink, hit ftp sites on the morning of Tuesday March 9, 1999.
"We're not going to slink quietly and go into the night when we see a whole generation of black and Latino students excluded from the schools their parents support," says Shaw.
Others slink into abandoned, urine-stinking rowhouses to fire home their dope.
Arthur, Grace and Slink are all on the same side in the Season 1 finale of "Blood Drive."
'Slink' stars: Julia Faye West, Dawna Lee Heising, Art Roberts, and Danika Galindo, with Jade Bryce, Paul Tirado, Anthony Del Negro, Cosondra Sjostrom, David Saucedo, Jael Lloyd, Jacqueline Larsen, Geo Sargent, and Marylyn Brooks.
I think I will slink off now and hope no-one noticed."