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a plaything consisting of a Y-shaped stick with elastic between the arms

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Howard, said that "the planet spends most of its time loitering in the outer part of its star's planetary system in this highly eccentric orbit, then it starts to accelerate in and does a slingshot around its star."
You will be given an old school slingshot with pellets and two minutes to shoot down as many villains as possible.
Brij Bhushan, head of the Taj Mahal security force, said police received locally-made slingshots to fend off the monkeys.
The nonagenarian vendor said that his slingshot shop along with many others was a busy trade centre as young and old customers would throng it to buy slingshots, rubbers or other related items.
As they left the area, according to witnesses, police and a group of young men began shooting marbles into the group with slingshots, beating people and electrocuting others.
The youths in tribal dominated district -- Jhabua -- in western MP have offered their traditional expertise in Gofan -- similar to a slingshot by using a looped cord with a knitted bag attached to the one end.
In a response to the council, a senior RAF Valley source claimed: "We have had incidents where travellers on the (Mona Industrial Estate) site have harassed 2474 (Cefni) Squadron Air Cadets, who occupy Mona for their weekly meetings, by verbally abusing them and pelting them with stones using slingshots."
A bird hops into a giant slingshot. His friends pull him back as far as they can.
Observe students while they tinker and create their slingshots, offering suggestions when necessary.
Another report notes the "fiscal cliff selloff pressure that Apple has endured since October 31," but adds that the stock is now geared up to "skyrocket" due to a "slingshot phenomenon".
A few days later, I met Nathan Masters, a dedicated shooter, owner and chief designer of FlippinOut Slingshots. I quickly learned how he polished his essential pistol skills-hand-eye-head coordination, breathing and release--with slingshots, and more: He had not only independently discovered the firearms-training benefits of archery and blowguns, but was about to launch a new enterprise and website covering all three disciplines at
Will Porterfield and Niall O'Brien's 59-run opening stand left Sri Lanka staring down the barrel of an upset, but they were pegged back in midinnings by Malinga's 87mph slingshots.
NORTHBRIDGE - An Upton man will be arraigned in Uxbridge District Court today on charges of carrying and selling dangerous weapons after an investigation into an advertisement for slingshots on the popular electronic classified ad Web site Craig's List.
In contrast, massive outer planets with elongated orbits act like gravitational slingshots that are likely to eject an inner planet that's on an Earthlike path, notes Hugh R.A.