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Synonyms for slimness

a small margin

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the property of an attractively thin person

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There tends not to be a really strong preference for slimness. The ideal male shape seems to revolve around having a triangular torso, with wide shoulders and a narrower waist.
The showbiz industry, not only of Pakistan, but of all the countries, is obsessed with fair skin and slimness. Do males have to face these issues as well?
The trend toward slimness has become more prevalent in recent years, and the issue of obesity is considered a societal concern (Du, 2004; Kim & Aubrey, 2015; Ko, Chen, & Lin, 2013).
A couple once unified by obesity is now divided by slimness.
The slimness allows an underwhelming 2730mAh battery as well as sacrifices the 3.5mm headphone jack.
The new findings show that black tea antioxidants (polyphenols) stimulate the growth of gut bacteria which favour slimness.
Also known as nacreous clouds, they form at altitudes of 20-30 kilometers at very low temperatures (about -95[degrees]F), and because of their slimness are generally only visible before sunrise or after sunset.
The study of 183 participants found that "hares" most likely to crash diet their way to slimness lost less weight over two years than "tortoises" who shed a consistent number of pounds each week.
Other packages on offer include anti-aging, slimness, high sculpture and detox and revitalising.
The regional rep talked about its features, its slimness, its enhanced battery technology, its magnificent camera.
Its metal unibody weighs in at just 640 grams and measures 6.9 mm in slimness. It features a 33.7Wh high-density Lithium battery to provide enough power for 9 hours of working on Microsoft Office, 9 hours of video playback, or 29 hours of music playback, as well as Huawei's exclusive power-saving technology.
It's not so much about slimness as it is about fitness.
Despite this, consumers are expected to continue following Western lifestyle trends as well as associating slimness with beauty and this combination of factors is set to result in stronger demand for weight management products.
This shape appears round in the stomach area often resulting in narrower shoulders and slimness in the lower leg.
We missed the headphone jack in the R5 because of its slimness, which is also part of the reason why OPPO decided to thicken up the R7.