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Synonyms for slimness

a small margin

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the property of an attractively thin person

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Also known as nacreous clouds, they form at altitudes of 20-30 kilometers at very low temperatures (about -95[degrees]F), and because of their slimness are generally only visible before sunrise or after sunset.
The study of 183 participants found that "hares" most likely to crash diet their way to slimness lost less weight over two years than "tortoises" who shed a consistent number of pounds each week.
Other packages on offer include anti-aging, slimness, high sculpture and detox and revitalising.
The regional rep talked about its features, its slimness, its enhanced battery technology, its magnificent camera.
It's not so much about slimness as it is about fitness.
Despite this, consumers are expected to continue following Western lifestyle trends as well as associating slimness with beauty and this combination of factors is set to result in stronger demand for weight management products.
This shape appears round in the stomach area often resulting in narrower shoulders and slimness in the lower leg.
We missed the headphone jack in the R5 because of its slimness, which is also part of the reason why OPPO decided to thicken up the R7.
Forty-nine overweight adults were tested for a microbe species called akkermansia muciniphila, which is associated with slimness and good glucose tolerance.
EDs are more prevalent in females who believe that others are comparing them with slimmer people; media has an impact on their efforts toward slimness and world fashion and style has a role on their trial to lose weight.
CINDER's remarkable slimness offers outstanding visual clarity and crystal-feel on the fingers, while preserving the features and functions of the iPhone 6.
the Elements and Principles of Design for Children is a hardcover of 32 pages, but don't let the slimness of the volume fool you.
Four tenders for the supply of (a) a so called D R instrument, (b) instruments for fertility care, (c) instruments for the pain handling unit, fatness & slimness treatment, also instruments to treat by ozone, also (d) endoscopes for the digestive organ, an ironing instrument using argon gas & a microwave instrument.
It shows that intestinal microbes can directly transmit a bias towards slimness or obesity.
At the same time, the articles about Alison also yielded plenty of the depressing conflation of slimness and social acceptability which dogs so many of us.