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in a slim or slender manner

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Inside I found a slimly built, nine-month-old baby lying in his cot, wearing a cotton, short-sleeved "onesie", his legs and feet bare.
One man, slimly built, offered his reason for being at the dinner.
Their suits are slimly tailored and often appearing far more expensive than those worn by the average NYPD detective or Manhattan ADA.
A study conducted in the 1970s of 200 nomadic Australian Aboriginal men described them as 'slimly built, sinewy featherweights' (Elphinstone 1971 cited in Gracey 1996:198).
The following year, 1974-75, in Jerusalem, besides teachingand otherwise groping for Hebrew, meant nightly neighborhood patrol,meeting poets and survivor-poets, left and right Israelis, secular andreligious, a slimly aware sense of Palestinian presence, plus trips tothe Sinai and Golan Heights, a midnight Molotov cocktail whooshing overour bedroom, and a five-year-old.
Two long scenes of sex in the barn (20 pages!) and birth dominate this slimly plotted but powerful novel, which promotes Guthrie's views on tenant farming and capitalist greed.
The decreasing trends for breakdown strength with the range of volume fractions were given a formula as ([E.sub.b] = [][]), which was excellent described the change of breakdown strength; but the maximum electric displacement at breakdown field is slimly changed.
The suspect is described as 6ft, slimly built, wearing a black baseball cap, jeans and a T-shirt or jumper.
Deformation is quite slimly relative to the substrate size, so the angle [theta] is very small:
(9) Water lilies being the subject of Monet's painting at Giverny, Figes narrates how he painted a beautiful yet fragile plant slimly anchored to the bottom of a pond, a representation of beauty in arrested motion, as in Keat's "Ode to a Grecian Urn."
Warren, a Harvard law professor, won in urban areas like Boston and Worcester and closed the gap in suburban areas that slimly sided with the incumbent.
IT research and advisory firm Gartner projects a growth in the tablet market to 479 million units by 2015, trailing slimly behind 553 million PCs.
Dockers recently selected Grylls as the face of its campaign, which features the boyishly handsome adventure fanatic tramping through Central Park in slimly tailored khakis and a narrow tie, looking more like a young Gregory Peck than Crocodile Dundee.
Mr Richard is around 5ft 10in tall, is slimly built and has a smooth face which looks even younger than the 18 years he has lived.