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Synonyms for sliminess

a property resembling or being covered with slime

the quality of being disgusting to the senses or emotions

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Phlegm is both "moistening and dissolving" food in the repository of the cooked ([section] 12), as well as being produced from the "sweetness, sliminess, and moisture" that exists there ([section] 13).
My discovery arrived one day last summer, along with the words that parents of young children dread above all others: "I need to be sun-blocked." Oh, the horrors in store--the whines about "sliminess," the gripes that "you're getting it up my nose." I reluctantly started smearing my daughter with Banana Boat.
Mushrooms have to be cooked so that their flavour is strong and their consistency firm and they have none of that sliminess that can often spoil poorly cooked ones.
WHEN coming across some act of political sliminess, I frequently remember that flinty old curmudgeon John Junor who, when editor of the Sunday Express, coined a phrase that went into the language.
Yeasts may grow under aerobic conditions on meat and causes sliminess, lipolysis, discolourations, of fodours and taste.
The work then concludes with "Slime Metaphysics?" a Freudian-inflected reassertion of the fundamental sliminess of human beings--the realization that we emerged as a species from primordial ooze and that we serve as food for other life forms both during our lives and after.
Each of the monitors shows a slowly rotating monster of reptilian sliminess. One of them will eventually flash words of welcome, such as "Hello".
Asustek executives stress that Transformer Primes outshine Apple and Samsung's equivalents in screen picture and voice quality as well as camera and sliminess features.
In destemmed musts, the pectin sliminess of unfermented white grapes blocks the flow of juice, resulting in sloppy cakes and low yields unless stems and/or rice hulls are mixed into the must.
Nussbaum notes that children, from an early age, "project the properties of animality--bad smell, ooziness, sliminess" onto children they wish to stigmatize (p.
To avoid sliminess, okra pods are often briefly stir-fried, or cooked with acidic ingredients such as citrus (Citrus spp.), tomatoes (Licopersicon esculentum L.), or vinegar.
It is sufficient to respect the condition Re > 7000 at the water entrance in panel (with 15[degrees]C, minimal temperature and maximal kinematic sliminess).
1), the presence of the cysts was associated with congestion on gills with excessive sliminess.
The orchestra, set up in a roomy, open pit, played with a focused sound that captured the raging spirit of Otello as well as the serpentine sliminess of Iago.
Emotional and aesthetic attributes (e.g., perceived empathy to other members of the species, attention to one's young, curiosity, cuteness, sliminess, cleanliness, cruel nature) may also be imposed on particular animals, making them more likely to be used as a point of comparison in specific situations (Blatt, 1970, p.