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Synonyms for sliminess

a property resembling or being covered with slime

the quality of being disgusting to the senses or emotions

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They seem to have escaped the artist's hand in formal terms as well: The sheen of bronze doesn't ennoble the figures so much as recall the sliminess of the clay from which they were sculpted, and the objects look as though they might shoot out of one's grasp like a well-worn bar of soap.
Asustek executives stress that Transformer Primes outshine Apple and Samsung's equivalents in screen picture and voice quality as well as camera and sliminess features.
Some people prefer the sliminess and would cook okra and eat it for the sliminess.
The orchestra, set up in a roomy, open pit, played with a focused sound that captured the raging spirit of Otello as well as the serpentine sliminess of Iago.
perceived empathy to other members of the species, attention to one's young, curiosity, cuteness, sliminess, cleanliness, cruel nature) may also be imposed on particular animals, making them more likely to be used as a point of comparison in specific situations (Blatt, 1970, p.
The usage of the control and regulation equipments which can be distance managed, with high performances in different working conditions, such as: high or low temperatures, sliminess, different pressures, or different actioning periods is an evident necessity as a result of the usage, on a large scale, of the automatization for different industrial processes or of a centralised conduction.
The upper Wye suffers from a dearth of invertebrates and the stones in the river lack sliminess.
The black snake is a striking visual figure in itself, and provides the sense of sliminess and slow gliding that Crabbe presents more directly, but in its very vividness it distracts attention from its proper object: Piter watching the slow-moving tide that is associable with the death of two of his apprentices.