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Synonyms for slimed

covered with or resembling slime


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She captioned the image, "Before I got SLIMED," and used a smiling face with open mouth and closed eyes emoji to express her feelings about the sliming incident.
According to the network, getting slimed is an honor a happy experience a way for people to experience Nickelodeon first-hand.
See Andy get slimed on Nickelodeon tomorrow at 5pm.
The Shake It Up actress said she would choose Lawrence to be slimed at the ceremony, explaining: "I love her.
Nearly 500 of the slimed birds have been transported to the rescue center in Fairfield, California, which was specially built to care for coastal wildlife contaminated with oil.
The second annual Slime tour, which includes a performance by the new version of the boy band Menudo, is traveling in the Slime Mobile to 10 cities this summer, leaving a sticky trail across the country and fulfilling the dreams of hundreds of children hoping to get slimed.