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Synonyms for slime



Synonyms for slime

a viscous, usually offensively dirty substance

Synonyms for slime

any thick, viscous matter

cover or stain with slime

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Furthermore, sending the slime up aboard the ISS will also give NASA the opportunity to observe how the substance will react to zero gravity.
The Dune Craft branded product is advertised for children as a 'do-it-yourself kit' for making glowing green toy slime.
I dragged my parents to several stores looking for the slime ingredients.
Now, in a historic move, it seems Nickelodeon is looking to slime someone in space by sending the gooey fluid to the ISS.
The authors of this case report also listed many other the potential allergens in popular slime recipes; however, many are not included in the T.R.U.E.
Many of the components in homemade slime recipes are common household ingredients that are known to cause irritant or allergic contact dermatitis.
Snail has a lot of slimy substances known as snail slime which it drops along its path as it moves.
Slime videos come under the umbrella of autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) videos, which seek to produce a calming and tingling sensation by reproducing mundane tasks and sounds, like tapping, scratching, or whispering into a microphone.
said both manufacturers had disagreed with its categorisation of their products as slime and argue that their products are actually putty and therefore pass the EU standard.
said the manufacturer disagreed with its categorisation of the toy as slime and said it was actually putty - and therefore passed the EU standard.
Washington DC, [USA] Nov 26 ( ANI ): Channing Tatum has officially become the cutest dad in Hollywood, after he was seen spending his Sunday afternoon making homemade slime with his daughter, Everly.
Similar to non-toxic, but inedible, toy slimes produced by companies like Play-Doh, the Jell-O slime will be washable with soap and water.
From solving Rubik's cubes simultaneously with both hands and feet to lengthy green slime - countries around the world have showcased their best talents to celebrate Guinness World's Record Day, reportedA
Do you love making or playing with slime? I do, too, and I started a slime-making business called 123SlimeyGoo (
For more information visit or call 01422 340760 SLIME PLANET Looking for something goo-lish in Huddersfield for the kids this Halloween?