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Participants in the Slim Down Challenge were on the Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating meal plan throughout the course of the Challenge.
The "Love & Hip Hop: New York" personality recently gave birth to her third child, a son named Gunner Ethan, and announced shortly afterward that she was using a waist trainer to help slim down.
Claire Sweeney - wants to slim down | |after giving birth to her son
The apex bank recently said that it would force large banks in the nation to slim down their operations.
I'm hoping to slim down a little bit, and I'm not afraid to say it," she told Life and Style magazine earlier.
It asserted, "The Alliance's Political Body agreed unanimously on the suggestion to slim down the cabinet through cancelling the ministries of state taking into consideration not to violate the balance between blocs participating in the government.
The proposed sale to the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group is part of the drive by the part-nationalised bank to slim down its balance sheet and focus on a smaller number of key markets.
Instead of the weight-loss-by-wind theory, researchers now propose that most extremely massive stars slim down by undergoing extraordinarily violent eruptions like the one that convulsed Eta Carinae in the mid-1800s.
Their willingness to fatten up showed how different they were, how committed, in a world where everybody else wanted to slim down.
How can I nag him to slim down without making him feel that I'm going off him totally?
County councillors recently accepted proposals by chief executive Mark Henderson to slim down his top management team as part of a drive to improve the authority and develop a high-performing organisation.
What to do: Stay lean or slim down with a healthy diet and exercise.
HOW is it that Californians keep getting fatter and more sedentary even as they spend billions trying to slim down or tone up?
While the goal is to slim down, tuition is hefty: $5,500 a month.
Before you invest big bucks in the thin client technology that enables your IT department to slim down its offerings, perhaps you should weigh some of the advantages and disadvantages.