slim chance

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little or no chance of success


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This superb boxed collection includes Ronnie's four solo albums - Anymore For Anymore, Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance, See Me and Ronnie Mahoney's Last Stand - plus live tracks and previously never released material.
This could be our only chance to win a title in the domestic level though we do have a slim chance in the UAE Pro League.
Slim Chance received a mark of 84 after winning a Down Royal maiden on his debut last year.
Global Banking News-October 20, 2011--Goldman says slim chance of US falling back into recession(C)2011 ENPublishing -
Fellow forward Kevin Doyle has a slim chance of being involved after recovering from a knee ligament injury but it is more likely he will be saved for the final two games of the campaign.
The Americans still have a slim chance. Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Zach Johnson are close to winning their matches, so it could come down to the last singles.
In early 2009, Redhook pulled its most popular beer and replaced it with Slim Chance, a lighter beer aimed to satisfy the macrobrew drinkers' palate and to create the first light craft beer.
This is borne out by the reviews on, where the reviewers spurn Redhook's new Slim Chance Light Ale, and give it a consensus grade of C+.
* Bahrain Cinema Company's head of marketing and public relations B Sunil Balan said: "The movie Forever Strong had a poor opening in the US; hence has slim chance of opening in Bahrain."
Without sufficient understanding of the communication process and the value of feedback, there is a slim chance of this happening.
There are grown-up love songs and losing-love songs, and there are rollicking novelties such as "Slim Chance and the Can't Hardly Playboys."
Wrack, aged 29, has been given only a slim chance of returning to the first-team fold before the end of the season.
"We still have a slim chance of making the play-offs but we must beat Newcastle home and away."
These are just a few of the weight-loss schemes highlighted by author and childhood-obesity expert Frances Berg in the 15th annual Slim Chance Awards.