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Synonyms for slightness

the quality of being unimportant and petty or frivolous

smallness of stature


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the property of an attractively thin person

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It is named by a scatter of evocative words and phrases: loss, grief, damage, diminishment, "positive bondage" (6), suffering, tarrying, slightness, curtailment, "learning to manage with less" (22), disappointment, decorum, divestment, winnowing, "the renuciatory art of the diminuendo" (25), attentiveness, "a principled relation to imperiled life" (13), and, most importantly, what she calls "Rcsm" and adjustment.
119) Almost without exception, in oil paintings, watercolors and sketches, the works of these artists emphasized the slightness, natural elegance and beauty of their subjects, who were usually dressed in colorful traditional costumes and posed in exotic settings.
The novel's slightness of being certainly isn't unbearable--with little over 100 pages to breeze through, you'll be finished before you know it--but it seems to evaporate from one's mind at exactly the same speed as it's being read.
A related problem is the slightness of each chapter: many run to little more than fifteen pages, the resultant tome reading more as a sampler or showcase rather than a standalone set of historical arguments.
4, 296) and considers Tintoretto to be the most powerful painter ever seen, being "the first who introduced the slightness and confusion of touch which are expressive of the effects of luminous objects seen through large spaces of air" (Cook and Wadderburn, 1903: vol.
In isolation, almost any of these can have a haiku-like quality, the very slightness hinting at hidden depths of meaning.
That much of the bowl remained uneaten probably had as much to do with the tedium of eating the thing as with my slightness of frame.
David Bromwich, a professor of English at Yale University writing in the Nation this year, revisited the unbearable slightness of Barack, which astounded and enraged first Hillary Clinton then John McCain during the epic ascent of 2008:
Like Robin in Hawthorne's "My Kinsman, Major Molineaux," Lewis runs smack up against the dimness of his perception of the world and the slightness of his self-awareness.
Foster Watson's English, from Vives: On Education, A Translation of the De tradendis disciplinis ofJuan Luis Vives, translated by Foster Watson (Cambridge, 1913): "He may be read, but with a consciousness of the slightness of his value.
This same argument serves as a basis for explaining the slightness of the incidence of the variable K on the gross product obtained (0.
Anne's slightness is part of a representational strand in Persuasion that includes Sir Walter's comical and lampooned obsession with the state of everyone's looks, a running joke in the novel that aligns flashy embodiment with surface rather than depth and that underscores, at the level of imagery, the endorsement of the domestic values associated with the rising meritocracy over the genealogical preoccupations of the aristocracy, whose prepossessing exteriors are a veneer that masks the hollowness beneath.
Nonetheless, the slightness of the frames is said not to compromise in any way the durability of these spectacles based on the quality of material used to make them.
The pretext they have given us for the slightness of their local industrial loan books is the mediocrity of Bob the Builder's business plans.
When asked why he didn't take his daughter to a doctor to find out why she was so thin, he said he had thought his daughter's slightness was normal.