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Synonyms for slight

Synonyms for slight

of small intensity

small in degree, especially of probability

to refuse to pay attention to (a person); treat with contempt

to fail to care for or give proper attention to

an act or instance of neglecting

an act that offends a person's sense of pride or dignity

Synonyms for slight

a deliberate discourteous act (usually as an expression of anger or disapproval)

pay no attention to, disrespect

(quantifier used with mass nouns) small in quantity or degree


Related Words

lacking substance or significance

being of delicate or slender build

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References in classic literature ?
It was now evening, and by the dim light we could just discern the savage countenances around us, gleaming with wild curiosity and wonder; the naked forms and tattooed limbs of brawny warriors, with here and there the slighter figures of young girls, all engaged in a perfect storm of conversation, of which we were of course the one only theme, whilst our recent guides were fully occupied in answering the innumerable questions which every one put to them.
She had eaten the meal that had been brought her by Mohammed Beyd's Negro slave--a meal of cassava cakes and a nondescript stew in which a new-killed monkey, a couple of squirrels and the remains of a zebra, slain the previous day, were impartially and unsavorily combined; but the one-time Baltimore belle had long since submerged in the stern battle for existence, an estheticism which formerly revolted at much slighter provocation.
The end and aim of his life is to serve his country, and I believe that he would consider it sacrilege if he allowed any slighter things to divert at any time his mind from its main purpose.
The proof is very slight, even slighter than in the Phaedo and Republic.
It was a younger, slighter, rosier beauty - lovely indeed, but with far less dignity and depth of soul - without that indefinable grace, that keenly spiritual yet gentle charm, that ineffable power to attract and subjugate the heart - my heart at least.
Yours have been of a much slighter kind, spread over a much shorter time.
He'd better have kept his distance: my master quickly sprang erect, and struck him full on the throat a blow that would have levelled a slighter man.
Perhaps the third man, at the other end of the table, had really more to do with it than the rest, though he was both slighter in physical presence and more inconsiderate in his dress.
Milvain was a much slighter figure; but the same doubt as to the precise lines of her contour filled Ralph, as he regarded them, with dismal foreboding.
Her husband, the harpist, Richard Morris, was much slighter and no match for her, which suggests that it was she who courted him, for few suitors dared approach her.
The same types of food are a popular purchase with those in the slighter older age bracket, although they are also likely to buy clothes, music and toiletries.
We thought after his win at Newcastle that it was time to take our chance in a slighter better handicap.
55) is hard to catch but he was as good as gold when winning over a slighter shorter trip at Ludlow in February.
John brushes off most of Donner's attempts to forge a bond, but a touching friendship develops nonetheless, something that on a much slighter order reminds us of the relationship between Joe Buck and Ratzo Rizzo in ``Midnight Cowboy'' or the characters played by River Pheonix and Keanu Reeves in ``My Own Private Idaho.
VC Bet are slighter longer at 6-4 about Cockney Rebel and they are hopeful of getting a result.