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a window that open by sliding horizontally

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In Section 3, a sliding window mechanism is described and a multivariate histogram constructing policy is introduced.
In the field of Skyline query over data stream, aimed at continuous Skyline query based on sliding window model, literature [20] proposed Lazy algorithm and Eager algorithm which improves space and time efficiency using the method of advanced data cleaning.
Guoren, et al., "Outlier detection over sliding windows for probabilistic data streams", Journal of Computer Science and Technology, vol.
Adopt the sliding window scheme to form a basic unit for mining.
As to the calculation of MA[(q).sub.t+1] in a time sequence, previous works [17, 21] employ Simple Moving Average (SMA) which treats the contribution of each previous point equally and computes the unweighted mean in a certain sliding window for the whole sequence:
The latest award was made by the judges for Quickslide's traditionallystyled vertical sliding window, which offers the owners of period homes the ability to maintain the appearance of their properties whilst enjoying all the benefits of modern windows, including substantial energy savings compared to the windows they replace.
Either the document is split up in segments of (almost) equal length, or a sliding window is used, defining many overlapping segments.
The security guard said that when he checked, he saw two men about to escape passing through a sliding window.
We research Least Square Method (LSM) for one source information filtering with sliding window. Length of window changes in filtering process and depends on the evaluation results.
The vehicle features mid-roof sleeper and a stand-up walk-through configuration, wrap-around sleeper storage and overhead console, a right-hand access door with a sliding window and a left hand window with a sliding section for ventilation.
Tenders are invited for Providing and fixing false ceiling , replacement of existing windows and doors with aluminum sliding window, dismantling of partition wall and paint work of room no.
Tenders are invited for Providing aluminium sliding window shutters in tds commissioners cabin in place of m.s.
Tenders are invited for Replacement of existing ms window shutters by aluminum sliding window shutters and other allied works in kptcl office complex, a.r.
2Rb-13 G-7 And Ancillary Works Along With Glazed Tile, Sliding Window Of 2Rb 2Ra F Type Block In M.I.Colony, Bhubaneswar Under Critical Grant For The Year 2017-18.