sliding door

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a door that opens by sliding instead of swinging

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A sliding door should move along the longitudinal direction first so that it can move backward without touching the car body.
The Volante sliding door system follows these principles, helping to solve modern storage needs.
Agy Mathew, product marketing manager, Dorma Gulf, said: "The ST Flex Green sliding door system is a revolutionary system ideal for sophisticated interiors and landmark projects in this region.
The sliding door concept highlights how engineers from diverse backgrounds and industries can come together to look at a solution differently," says Nizar Trigui, executive vice president and chief technology officer at Dura Automotive.
As I left the roundabout, that was when the sliding door shut of its own accord.
My father had a sliding door manufacturing company and my mother had a screen and glass shop.
The sliding door on the side of the front passenger seat opens and closes electronically with an opening width of 1.
These tracks have been specially developed to provide door manufacturers with an improved and economic sliding door concept.
While a sliding door and liftgate don't have identical components that a side door has, they do have latching mechanism, wipers (for liftgates) and interior trim panels.
The company's patented right-hand drive conversion cab process features a sliding door, and can be installed on most major makes of truck cabs.
I had a sliding door wired and a glass-break alarm in one room where the windows weren't suitable for wiring," explains Jones, who Chose the level above the basic installation.
That's a dangerous practice because the disk's sliding door can jam or admit dirt, ruining the disk and all the data on it.
Dubbed PremierAccess, the new cabinets offer all of the quality construction that has become synonymous with the PremierGarage brand, but with an innovative by-pass sliding door system designed for maximum convenience.
18 pcs sliding door systems 32db, partly with radiation protection, approx.
Located at 309 Atlantic Avenue, this cooperative space with the Sliding Door Company showcases transFORM's newest custom designs alongside the Sliding Door Company's stylish selections.