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Synonyms for slider

a person who slips or slides because of loss of traction

someone who races the luge


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freshwater turtle of United States and South America

a fastball that curves slightly away from the side from which it was thrown

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We hear great stories from our Cravers about their families sharing Sliders and memories at White Castle, and there is no better time to create new memories with family than during the holidays," said Jamie Richardson, vice president at White Castle.
Potential licensees in the outdoor cooking accessories industry are currently being targeted as candidates to eventually commercialize the Grill Slider on a worldwide basis.
We developed Power Slider for the large and growing community of iPhone 3G users that utilize the device to its full extent as an all-in-one communication and entertainment tool and, as a result, find themselves in need of extended battery life," states Erik Wahlstrom, President and CEO of Incase.
For just $6, the Jackalope Slider boasts caramelized onions, bistro sauce, fully realized melted cheddar and lean beef on a fluffy bun.
It will help a lot because last year my slider was not that good and I think this year it will be a lot better," Santana said.
This slider helps to bring perspective to the degree to which the requirements must be met by this project.
Without the need to press fingers along the zipper profile, a slider zipper enables quicker opening and closing with a slider clip.
The Series 6200 slider rounds out the Crystal 6000 product line and is a perfect complement to the Crystal Series 6100 picture window and the Series 6000 and 6000A double-hung windows.
The plastic sliders align with the hooks or keyholes on the back of an object and lock into place.
When just viewing or navigating information, the slider can remain dosed.
QuadPAK[TM] side-gusset, standup pouches feature Hefty[R] Slide-Rite[R] slider closures.
BrownTrout Publishers of San Francisco has produced a high-quality, 16-month calendar featuring West Virginia landscapes by Van Slider, a full-time associate professor of accounting at the New Martinsville campus of West Virginia Northern Community College.
The Redi-Rail family is a low friction slider in a lightweight package.
This current enters the manganin wire at the tap point 8 and leaves it by the slider S.
AL: OK, well, the first one is the invention of the slider bearing.