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Synonyms for slider

a person who slips or slides because of loss of traction

someone who races the luge


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freshwater turtle of United States and South America

a fastball that curves slightly away from the side from which it was thrown

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Yun said PyeongChang is just a start and aims to grab the gold at Beijing 2022 to become the first skeleton slider ever to win two consecutive gold medals at the Winter Games.
Product Sub-Category : Slider left and slider right
While some appear somewhat cute, like the Snake volume slider by Reddit user Jaeyuuji, others are just far too inconvenient, like this physics-based design by user dllu.
Furthermore, the Grill Slider will help enhance the enjoyment of food prepared outdoors.
The Slider was initially introduced through Tyler Packaging's laminated flat base pouches that provide superior on-shelf appearance, and has since been extended to their rescalable laminated bags and pouches.
EZ Impact Beds provide simple and effective protection in the load zone, while EZ Slider Beds provide containment to reduce spillage.
REYNOLDS CONSUMER PRODUCTS, owner of the Hefty brand, introduces Hefty Slider Bags in Storage, Freezer, Jumbo and Sandwich varieties.
For ease of analysis, I consider a model where the pitcher has only two pitches: fastball and slider.
A luge slider lying on a sled streaks down a twisting and turning icy track so fast he looks like a blur.
The hydro-port valve makes checking battery electrolyte levels safe and easy with a red slider that opens to allow the hydrometer tube to fit inside.
Hours later, Mikey is missing, their foster parents beaten by home invaders, and Slider has a cop interrogating him.
When Mikey gives him a mysterious package and then goes missing, Slider finds himself mixed up with a gang of boarders who will stop at nothing to get at the package.
ABSTRACT: Slider turtles, Trachemys scripta, possess a large native range in the United States but are alien to New Jersey.
Most of the year has gone by, and still, Asus has only launched the Asus Eee Pad Transformer and the Windows-based Eee Slate EP121, with the Eee Pad MeMO and Slider conspicuously missing in action.
The company will also highlight the first commercial application of its ZIP-PAK[R] SLIDER[TM] Advantage, a smaller slider solution designed with less material to reduce manufacturing costs and decrease a package's environmental footprint.