slide fastener

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a fastener for locking together two toothed edges by means of a sliding tab

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Most of us, fortunately, have a lot more contact with slide fasteners than with nuclear fusion, but Friedel's is the first serious history of the zipper.
Tenders are invited for Plastic Slide Fastener Heavy Duty Open End Reversible Slider Og (Various Sizes) Specification Is:14181 (Part 1 To 3) : 2002(With All Amendments)
Tenders are invited for Plastic Slide Fastener Medium Heavy/Special Duty Open End White.
Tenders are invited for Metallic Slide Fastener Heavy Duty 457 Mm Long Og Specn.
Manufacturing zippers and other slide fasteners is a $190 million a year business in the U.
BS 3084:2006 Specification for Testing of Slide Fasteners II-18