slide down

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fall or sink heavily

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After getting hit in the genitals, Andrews continued to slide down further, until he yet again hit a metal sign this time, near the bottom of the escalator.
At some point the friends decided to slide down the escalator and Andrews was the first one to display daredevilry.
Caption: EZ Lure Retriever (with improvised reel, top) is designed to slide down the line and engage the snagged lure.
Ruth Geary tried to slide down the sweeping banister in Newcastle's Union Rooms pub, imitating the famous scene from Mary Poppins.
The carrier's weight can cause the carrier to slide down, even if the gas rings are good.
Unless swift and decisive action is taken, we can expect the UK's economy to begin to slide down the international rankings.
Is it ethical to let kids slide down the decks of a blow up Titanic?
Dong Energy said: "Small cracks in this grout make the transition piece slide down up to 25mm.
1 : to drop or slide down suddenly : collapse <The tired woman slumped into a chair.
He'd jump off on the tranny and slide down that thing?
The life lessons come fast and thick here, but they slide down smoothly, thanks to the compelling characters and realistic situations.
An Englishman, Scotsman and an Irishman get to heaven and are told by God "here's a magic slide - you slide down it and ask for what you want".
But using a pole you could slide down in five seconds.
Avalanches are masses of snow and ice that slide down mountains.