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action mechanism in a modern rifle or shotgun

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Two things about the slide action are unquestioned, though perhaps not universally recognized.
And for the burly shotgunner who wants buckets of buckshot when it comes time to defend home and hearth, they introduced a Tactical version of their exciting Model 887 slide action.
The contestant's rifle must be of a lever or slide action type made before 1899 that shoots a pistol caliber cartridge with a tubular magazine and exposed hammer.
Trombonist Barnaby Dickinson is set for a big future, his agile phrases the result of some particularly swift slide action, his range encompassing high and low notes, with few gaps in between.
The slide action of the trombone permits the chromatic filling-in of the scale of the instrument between the second and third partials of the harmonic series of the basic instrument and thereby renders it fully chromatic over a range starting at an augmented fourth below the second partial up to an upper bound determined only by the skill and strength of the performer.
The 3600 Series full-extension drawer slide from Waterloo Furniture Components is constructed of cold-rolled steel and incorporates ball-bearing movement for a smooth, progressive slide action, the company says.
The SLLB 5 series of switches are a lever and push action type that features a single knob combining a bidirectional slide action and push action.
Browning suggested a slide action was more appropriate for a shotgun--and of course he already had slide-action designs.
depending on complexity the part may need a slide action (which could increase the tool's cost), or perhaps it wouldn't (which could reduce the tool's cost).
And, if you miss realistic slide action on other airguns, you get it here: a portion of gas from its CO2 cartridge cycles the slide.
All things considered, the slide action has a lot going for it in the turkey woods.
When the Model 42 was introduced in 1933 the slide action was the most popular type of repeating shotgun.
The Lightning Bolt from AWA is the slide action version of the Mare's Leg.
You explain that you can get him a Winchester '97 pump gun so popular in cowboy action, but it'll take him a while to adjust to its slide action.
It is described as: "This prop Winchester model 1897 12-gauge riot shotgun rendered non-firing, with working slide action and trigger, which was used by Connery in the "first raid" scene.