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action mechanism in a modern rifle or shotgun

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And for the burly shotgunner who wants buckets of buckshot when it comes time to defend home and hearth, they introduced a Tactical version of their exciting Model 887 slide action.
as I promoted it) were restricted to slide actions and side-by-side doubles.
The slide action of the trombone permits the chromatic filling-in of the scale of the instrument between the second and third partials of the harmonic series of the basic instrument and thereby renders it fully chromatic over a range starting at an augmented fourth below the second partial up to an upper bound determined only by the skill and strength of the performer.
The 3600 Series full-extension drawer slide from Waterloo Furniture Components is constructed of cold-rolled steel and incorporates ball-bearing movement for a smooth, progressive slide action, the company says.
The SLLB 5 series of switches are a lever and push action type that features a single knob combining a bidirectional slide action and push action.
depending on complexity the part may need a slide action (which could increase the tool's cost), or perhaps it wouldn't (which could reduce the tool's cost).
Others with the slow twist are the Vulcan slide action, Browning B-92, Marlin M336 and M94, Remington M788, New England Handi-Rifle and the Henry Big Boy.
The Lightning Bolt from AWA is the slide action version of the Mare's Leg.
You explain that you can get him a Winchester '97 pump gun so popular in cowboy action, but it'll take him a while to adjust to its slide action.
It is described as: "This prop Winchester model 1897 12-gauge riot shotgun rendered non-firing, with working slide action and trigger, which was used by Connery in the "first raid" scene.
Smaller-pitch slide action for beverage closures and caps is new from another StackTeck company, Unique Mold Makers.
I had my bolt-action An-schutz sporter, my companion a Savage slide action.
The first rifle I ever shot was Dad's Savage 1914 slide action .
The distinctive sound of a slide action being worked is in itself one of the world's great deterrents.