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Synonyms for slickness

verbal misrepresentation intended to take advantage of you in some way

a kind of fluent easy superficiality

a slippery smoothness

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Squirrels can't grip the plastic pole because of its width and slickness, so they can't climb it.
Is Branko Crvenkovski truly the black devil of the Macedonian politics and for this reason real inquisitor machinery has been launched over the last few years or are his charisma and slickness for political survival so great that it drives his opponents insane, Popovski wonders when trying to explain the myths about Crvenkovski.
So began A Farmer's Life For Me (BBC2, Tuesday 8pm), which put city types of debatable slickness in a contest to run a "dream farm" for a year.
The Radio 2 star's slickness deserted him as he needed help from the audience and stumbled over the lyrics of the muchplayed Pogues song Fairytale of New York.
Amidst the slicks and slickness of our lesser economy, the Saving Shepherd calls all who have gone astray once again to live--not merely to exist but truly to live--and to do so within creation's economy.
This production doesn't have the effortless slickness of the Disney film, but for a summer holiday treat it won't disappoint.
A calligraphic line, paired with a unique sense of pattern and geometry, lends dynamism and fluidity to the work and softens the overt slickness of the piece.
The slickness of the clutch and gearbox matches the engine's character and the ratios have been exceptionally well chosen to make the most of the power.
In the best moments--the syncopated pinks of Fats Domingo, 2007, the tight rhythmic bars of Hey Joe (Albers), 2007, or the powder-blue ground and floating gray martini olives of Untitled, 2008-- the hand serves to moderate slickness with crooked geometry.
Doerr's Graham clearly sheds any political slickness around his friends, but can summon rhetoric and moral superiority when necessary.
Coatings can have a range of characteristics, such as waterproofing, low-friction slickness, adhesion promotion or antimicrobial properties.
The speed and slickness of the operation, taking the public to safety while bomb experts were drafted in, sends out the strong message that the authorities are doing all in their power to ensure our safety.
The most significant finding is the slickness of the ball," says University of Texas physicist James L.
Arguably inspired by Gehry's startling transformation of crude models into internationally recognised statements--an achievement first made possible by a blip in the commodities market and technology developed by the aircraft industry--this potent mix of design, commercial opportunism and technology transfer has projected ideas for building skins beyond superficial slickness.
London's European champion said of Maccarinelli: "I rate his power and strength, but his defence, movement, punch variety and general slickness must improve greatly if he is to mix and win at the top level.