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Seattle Slew died at Hill `n' Dale Farm near Lexington, Kentucky, to where he had recently been moved from his long-time home at Three Chimneys Farm following spinal surgery to relieve pressure on vertebrae.
A brilliant performer on the racecourse, Seattle Slew won 14 of 17 starts and finished second twice.
His 102 stakes winners include champions Slew O' Gold, AP Indy, Surfside, Swale, Capote, Landaluce and
Once you get the hang of it, this is a novel way to slew the telescope without having to fumble with switching motor speeds on the controller.
I just clicked on any object on the screen, told the telescope to slew to it, and away we went.
Center the planet in the field, and SkySensor can accurately slew to the moons.
This is a nice feature, which saves battery power and keeps many of the telescope's smart features functional even if the battery power drops too low to operate the power-hungry slew speeds.
SETUP is for adjusting various parameters such as slew speeds, altazimuth or equatorial tracking modes (in either the Northern or Southern Hemisphere), the speed that information scrolls across the LED display, backlash compensation, and drive rate (from a choice of sidereal, King, lunar, and solar).
It could even be used to slew back and forth between two fixed terrestrial objects - bird nests, for example.