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Synonyms for slenderness

the quality of being slight or inadequate

relatively small dimension through an object as opposed to its length or width

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the property of an attractively thin person

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A parametric study was carried out with various section sizes, lengths and concrete strength in order to cover a wider range of member cross-sections and slenderness which is currently used in practices to examine the important structural behavior and design parameters, such as column imperfection, non-dimension slenderness and buckling reduction factor, etc.
Slenderness represented not only an angelic or spiritual nature, but also female weakness and vulnerability (Brumberg 1988, 187; Silver 2004, 27-9, 34, 39-45; Vandereycken and Deth 1994, 210-12, 240).
Additionally, in the case of isotropic materials with a rectangular section, the following relationship between the slenderness ratio [lambda] and the shear parameter S can be obtained:
Similar to static testing, the slenderness ratio (lengih/diameier) of the specimen should be crucially considered during the high-strain rate test.
It is suggested that the rigorous and scientific reputation of its methodology--at the cost of the slenderness of its substance--allows economics to have the appearance of being a stronger theoretical pillar of market fundamentalism.
Two features look likely to be prominent in design this year - sustainability and slenderness.
Social class differences in body satisfaction are discussed within a social context that associates slenderness with the middle and upper classes, especially for women.
However, the low stiffness of the shaft implies small leg's second moments of inertia and larger slenderness of structure; and, finally, the lower lifting capacity of the whole mast.
When you see speedy big cats, like cheetahs, they have a slenderness and a lightweight stride.
The Montefeltro's long run as the graceful walnut- and-steel semi-auto is not over by any stretch, but the slenderness and fluidity for which the reliable inertia action gun is known will get a rugged face-lift this year in the form of an optional synthetic stock that will give it the kind of bottom-of-the-boat durability most duck hunters prefer.
Featured in The Skyscraper Museum's "Vertical Cities: Hung Kong I New York" for being one of the most slender structures in the world, the building was designed with 24 feet of frontage, rising 43 stories and with a 15:1 slenderness ratio.
That's because wood has tenuity - slenderness and flexibility - and tenuity is basic in designing a home.
In some of the frescos, stress is laid on the slenderness of the figures, which resemble those to be found later in the paintings of such masters of the early and full Renaissance as Botticelli and El Greco.