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Synonyms for slenderness

the quality of being slight or inadequate

relatively small dimension through an object as opposed to its length or width

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the property of an attractively thin person

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The confinement effect is influenced by the shape of the cross section, the thickness of the steel profile, the type of loading, the slenderness of the composite column, and the strength of the materials used.
Both the slenderness ratio and Runkel ratio showed the sheaths are well suited as a raw material for paper making.
The overall slenderness [[lambda].sub.0] of a stainless steel column is commonly defined as:
The specimen used in the experiment is of 180 mm length with small slenderness; therefore, the inelastic buckling occurs.
Using obtained by FEM results it is possible to note that under different thicknesses and consequently different slenderness of plate in diapason 167 [less than or equal to] a/[t.sub.w] [less than or equal to] 500 relation between critical stresses of clamped plate without stiffener [[tau]] and critical stresses of stiffened plate [[tau]]/ there is very stable tie.
This formula is expressed as a function of the plate slenderness ratio b and column (stiffener) slenderness ratio [lambda] (see Appendix A for further information):
The physical model is idealized with one BSWI element and analyzed for a wide range of thick to thin beams by changing the slenderness ratio of R/h.
Codes of practice usually propose a slenderness limitation to avoid calculation of deflections.
One of his principles in design is using the vertical line to lend the illusion of height and slenderness by leading the eyes from top to bottom, he added.
Due to the slenderness of the tines and the special geometry of the nib point, a high level of precision can be achieved whilst writing.
Working backwards, I used a Slenderness Ratio value of 10C and solved for L, the maximum unsupported length of ejector pins of various diameters.
Next was the Tower Tech Challenge, which tasked secondary school teams with designing and building a three-part free-standing tower with maximum slenderness and load capacity but minimum mass.
For instance, '111 West 57th Street' tower in New York has a slenderness ratio of 1:24; this is more than twice as slender as what is required to be considered 'slender.'
This was due to the large slenderness ratio based on a small cross-section area and because the axial compression displacement for both types was large compared with the other types.